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Asbestos Bubbleweed Cilantro Devilgrass Elderberries Frostbane
Asbestos Bubbleweed Cilantro Devilgrass Elderberry Frostbane

Groovy Sortable Potion TableEdit

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Potion Herbs
Alienblood Alien Blood Bubbleweed, Devilgrass, Elderberry
Brainjuice Brain Juice Cilantro, Elderberry, Frostbane
Coolade Cool-Ade Asbestos, Bubbleweed, Frostbane
Doctordeflector Dr. Deflector Asbestos, Cilantro, Elderberry
Eaudemonster Eau de Monster Cilantro, Devilgrass, Elderberry
Explosivo Explosivo Asbestos, Devilgrass, Elderberry
Fearbeer Fear Beer Cilantro, Devilgrass, Frostbane
Healenbrau Healenbrau Bubbleweed, Cilantro, Frostbane
Joltingsoda Jolting Soda Bubbleweed, Cilantro, Devilgrass
Lifeade Life-Ade Bubbleweed, Elderberry, Frostbane
Luckenbrau Luckenbrau Asbestos, Devilgrass, Frostbane
Magicola Magicola Bubbleweed, Cilantro, Elderberry
Muddersmilk Mudder's Milk Asbestos, Bubbleweed, Devilgrass
Redcow Red Cow Asbestos, Bubbleweed, Elderberry
Rocketsauce Rocket Sauce Asbestos, Cilantro, Devilgrass
Smartsauce Smart Sauce Bubbleweed, Devilgrass, Frostbane
Soulacola Soula Cola Devilgrass, Elderberry, Frostbane
Sparklingwater Sparkling Water Asbestos, Bubbleweed, Cilantro
Stamino Stamino Asbestos, Cilantro, Frostbane
Stonesoup Stone Soup Asbestos, Elderberry, Frostbane

Alchemy Edit

Loonyland 2 Talent
Loonyland 2 > Talents
Effect: Lets you make potions.
Levels up by: Making Potions
Location: Center of Terrible Tundra
Game Description: Use this talent to mix your own potions from herbs you find! Higher levels improve your odds of success, and results in higher quality potions. You'll need a Cauldron to do your mixing in.
Level 10 achievement: Pb -> Au


Potions are drunk in the same way that you cast spells: Hold down the spell button, select potions with the left and right keys, use up and down to select the right potion, and release to drink. If you change your mind, keep, the spell key held, and scroll left or right to the blank circle before releasing, to cancel.

Potion StrengthsEdit

Potions come in 10 different strength levels. The higher your Alchemy talent, the more likely you are to create a stronger potion. These strengths, weakest to strongest, are:

  1. Expired
  2. Half Empty
  3. Half Full
  4. Diet
  5. Generic
  6. Normal
  7. Fresh
  8. Fizzy
  9. Extra Fizzy
  10. Supreme

Note that in the Loonyland 2 Editor, tagging a potion higher than 11 will cause it to have a new name, and an appropriately scaled effect. For example, a potion tagged 255 will be named "_(potion name)" and one tagged 136 will be named"_AXETRAP(Potion Name)". These items cannot be obtained by legitimate means.

Tips Edit

  • The potions you'll want in bulk for any situation are Sparkling Water, Mudder's Milk, Stamino, Healenbrau, Life-Ade, Magicola, Brain Juice.
  • Potions that have little ingame necessity are made of exclusively common herbs from low level areas, such as a single on-use explosion for low splash damage across the map for a small period of time.
  • The alchemy system rewards the player for getting creative with finding situations for what certain potion effects are used for and when. Such as
    • Luckenbrau before a boss fight to maximize the chances of finding an artifact
    • Dr. Deflector can one-hit KO Army of One for a quick $500
    • Smart Sauce for grinding in the Arena
    • Fear Beer to avoid getting hit during the sounding crystal quest
    • Soula Cola to survive lethal hits when HP is low
  • Because you must have three different types of herbs to brew a potion which are found in different amounts, you have to make a lot of random potions in the beginning to use up all your herbs to get to a level where you can brew strong batches. Therefore it's more efficient to set aside the herbs needed for the useful recipes until you are a higher level. This way, the herbs you don't need can be used to level up your Alchemy and Mixology level first.
  • Do not sell your unused potions! Money is no object later in the game and drinking them is the only way to increase your Mixology level.