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Amazin' SPISPOPD is a spin-off of Smashing Pumpkins into Putrid Debris.


Amazin' is effectivly a Pacman clone, with Bouapha being in the place of Pacman, 4 pumpkins being in the place of ghosts, and Candles being in the place of the dots. Hammers allow Bouapha to shoot the pumpkins, who then regenerate in the center of the level. There are numerous powerups, which do things such as give the Evil Eye to the person in front of you, which squashes them, or the Ghost, which lets you walk through the walls of the maze. There is also the 2-Player Sibling Rivalry mode. There is another player you can used named Bouaphaetta.

Supreme World[]

Bofupa created a world for Dr Lunatic that simulates Amazin' SPISPOPD quite well, except for the lack of powerups and the fact that Hammers last an infinite time.