Boneheads are skeletal enemies in Boboli, Kid Mystic, Dr. Lunatic, Loonyland 1 and Sleepless Hollow, as well as a skill in LL2. While they are among the most common Hamumu enemies, they originally appeared in Boboli.

Bonehead (Dr L)Edit



Dr. Lunatic Monster
Dr. Lunatic
Name: Bonehead
HP: 10
Scan Text: I think naming the skeletons Boneheads was clever. I am pleased with myself. When I made Loonyland, it was tougher, since I had several breeds of skeleton to deal with, but in the happy old days of Dr. Lunatic, life was blissful and kind. The sound of a Bonehead dying is actually somebody groaning horribly while we shake a 3.5" floppy disk next to the microphone. The disk was supposed to sound like bones rattling. You be the judge!
Category: Badguy/Spooky
Recolored?: None
Miscellaneous Info: None

Bonehead (Loonyland: Halloween Hill)Edit



Behavior:Walks around spitting fireballs and kicking and occasionally pointing at the player.
Habitat:Wicked Woods, Under the Lake, Deeper Under the Lake
Miscellaneous Info:Boneheads are among the monsters that can be revived by a Numbskull. In the "Under the Lake" and "Deeper Under the Lake" areas, these monsters are created by Bonehead-O-Matics.
(*on Normal difficulty without Firepower upgrades)

Bonehead (Kid Mystic) Edit

Kid Mystic Monster
Kid Mystic
Name: Bonehead
HP: 10
Ranged Damage: 12
Melee Damage: 10
XP: 50
Description: Shoots red bullets that do more damage than Octons and Aquazoids. Also kicks when in close range.