A world that was made by Coolguy,downloaded from the Hamumu website for Dr. Lunatic Supreme with Cheese.

Key of Lunacy awarded after beating level The Queen O' Green.

I'm Late! Edit

Actually an impossible level for most Dr L players. 15 Seconds to get all brains is a bit too short.

The candles are spawned by activating the black tiles in the level. I had to editor cheat it to complete it.

The Secret Level Entrance to Down the Rabbit Hole is at the bottom left corner.

Down the Rabbit Hole (Squash Keychain) Edit

Before you jump into the main rabbit hole, go and check the right side of the level, find the tile that is different on the ground and take the Torch and move through the Torch lit darkness to get to the hidden rabbit hole here,go to it and get warped to the Squash Keychain and jump back out.

Lets go to the main rabbit hole.

Go down and find yourself at a tile step puzzle...

EDIT: This is too hard for me to figure out honestly.I editor cheated through this one.

Rh tiles
Next is just quickly step it to the other side or you will drown segment.
Rh tiles 2

Next, just grab the hammers and avoid the spiders and get into the next section.

Rh tiles 3

EDIT2: Alright, i just cheated through this one too.

Just note the level's candle is with the Doom Bunny, mash it at your own risk.

Key N' Doors  Edit

For the level's Candles, they in a hidden passage near the Squash bushes.

Otherwise, just follow things in this order.


Chess Edit

Biw cH

Just walk over the black tiles to unlock the enclosures with firepower and mash all enemies and leave.

Mushroom Madness Edit

Actually quite tough,you need to go round being chased by several Mush the Shrooms to get 4 Yellow Keys.(You can only store 3 Yellow Keys at a time)

EDIT 1:I found it literally impossible because you have to pass by the 4th Mush the Shroom while on your way to use up your 3 on hand Yellow Keys, so i just cheated through it.

Just cheat through it.

Mushroom Madness 2! Edit

Just lure the Shroomlord to step on all the titles to unlock the enclosure the level's candles.

Just make sure you get all the candles before killing the Shroomlord and his shrooms.

Mushroom Madness 3! Edit

It's a rather crazy level where you need to make it to the end by Bouncy tiles over water.

Tomb of Doom from Boomity Boom! Edit

No choice, this one has to be cheated through, It's at least very hard to stealth and sneak through all those Boomkins and Death Patrols, let alone get the Candles.

Dark and Spooky! (Rocket Keychain) Edit

Biw das

The Candle will be unlock once you have all the Brains.

The Giant Oven Edit

It's a rather difficult level to pass where you need to kill all fiery enemies at the start, then a Richie Lich, a Mad Millennium Bug and a Stan Glass.

When Eensy Weensies Are Hard! Edit

You have to use Mind Control Rays to get the spiders to kill themselves here in a small cramped space.

Warrior of the Cards (Pumpkin Keychain) Edit

You need to find a way to kill those two hostile Wacky Wizards with the level's Brains.

The Pumpkin Keychain is at the bottom right corner.

Biw cards

Forest Frenzy (Hammer Keychain) Edit

Drive through the Autozoids, mash the Happy Stick Men, then make it past the Death Patrol and Dark Vampires and leave. Hammer Keychain is here during the Happy Stick Men section

Biw ff

The Queen O' Green Edit

Just a boss battle with Matilda X.

Centipumpkin Time! Edit

Grab the firepower, run outside the enclosure, grab all the Candles, then mash the Centipumpkin.

Review by Spisboy Edit

Combat Puzzles Quality Fun Difficulty
4hammer 3hammer 5hammer 4hammer 3hammer

This world is inspired by Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland or Through the Looking Glass or whatever. It lets our hero Bouapha down the rabbit hole into the magical realm of WONDERLAND! The world does not actually reference Alice's Wonderland all the time, but it keeps a steady theme. The levels are very high-quality and include forest themes, mushrooms, playing cards, and so on. There are interesting gameplay twists and weird battles to fight, as well as puzzles. The final boss fight was very fun. The only part I really didn't like was the level "Mushroom Madness 3" which involved bouncing over water, and therefore took about twenty billion tries to finally complete.

Overall, the world was high-quality and enjoyable. Recommended!

Reviewed by: Spisboy

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