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Castle Smash is a Gamelet wherein you must smash your opponent's castle.


Two armies, the red army and the yellow army, are at war. Since it's a two player game, you either control both, or a friend controls the other army. The aim of the game is smash your enemy's keep. To do this, you have to build walls around a certain part of land to claim it yours. On land under your control, you can build schools, to make money-makers, barracks, to make knights which attack, and guilds, which make wizards that defend your own keep. Knights are weaker than wizards, but attack, and wizards have less health. Money-makers can't attack or defend.


  • Keep - Defend this at all costs! If this is destroyed, YOU LOSE! Cost: N/A
  • Wall - Use these to surround an area and claim as your own. (Turns your color.) Cost: $1
  • School - Turns peasants into farmers, who wander around looking for gold to add to your treasury, and food to make more peasants. Cost: $10
  • Barracks - Turns peasants into warriors, who head straight for the enemy keep and try to destroy everything in their way. Cost: $10
  • Guild - Turns peasants into wizards, who defend your keep. Cost: $10
  • Bridge - Makes water passable. Cost: $3
  • Blank - Erases anything of yours (or your enemy's bridges) which you place it over. Cost: $1


  • Peasants - Don't do anything. Wander around. Live in the houses surrounding your keep. If either is destroyed, the other does. (So it's entirely possible to charge in and wipe out your enemy's invasion force by destroying his houses.)
  • Warriors - Charge towards your enemy's keep and attempt to destroy it.
  • Wizards - Charge towards your keep and defend it.
  • Workers - Pick up wheat, to make peasants, and gold, to add to your treasury.

Things to Keep In Mind[]

  • If people run into the river, they will go off in a random direction.
  • You should make a pretty large square of walls around the keep and houses, so that the houses can expand.
  • Wizards will generally stay very close to your keep.
  • You have to build a bridge over the river to get the people across.