Spoiler Warning! This page contains information that could reveal
plot secrets or ruin puzzles! Read with caution, or not at all!

Gah. You shouldn't be on this page, you know. But if you are, prepare to have the cheat codes spoiled!

Most of the cheat codes are invisible, so highlight any you want to see. Codes that do not give the player any in-game benefits are left visible.

All cheats listed on this page should be typed in while playing unless otherwise stated.


These cheats only work on SPISPOPD V2.47 or later.

  • Invincibility — JAMULDOOM
  • Walk on water/in space — LIEMLE
  • Maximum firepower — HAMMERUP
  • Walk through walls — SPOOKZ
  • Destroy all enemies — NUKE
  • Advance to next level — YAP
  • Show a joke message — RINLEZ

Amazin' SPISPOPD Edit

  • Auto-win the level — SKIPPY
  • Get 5 lives — UMLAUT
  • Generate a powerup — YIPPEE

Dr. Lunatic / Spooky Castle Edit

Cheats for Dr. Lunatic Supreme With Cheese must be bought from the SpisMall after purchasing The Cheat Menu.

  • Cover the screen with explosions — KABLOOIE
  • Maximum firepower — HAMMERSPLEASE
  • Win the level — ZAPPO
  • All keys — ZOOL
  • Full health — MEDIC
  • Walk on water/lava — AGUA
  • Energy Barrier — BARRIER

Kid Mystic Edit

  • Get $50000 ($500 in the eGames version) — DAMEDINERO
  • Win the level — IAMAWINNER
  • Level up by 1 — RUTABAGA
  • Cover the screen with explosions — KABOOOOM
  • Maximum firepower — PLOPPLOPFIZFIZ
  • Activate Stoneskin/Steelskin without using mana, 20 second duration[1]ROCKNROLL
  • Walk on water/lava — LIQUEFACTION
  1. This will activate the version that you have. If you don't currently have either spell then it will use the graphics of Stoneskin and the effect of Steelskin. The duration is always the same regardless of spells or player level.

Cheat Edition-only Cheats Edit

  • All level 1 spells (Chapters 1/2, Armageddon) — ONE
  • All level 2 spells (Chapters 3/4) — TWO
  • Ten stars on Challenge Mode — DORF
  • A large amount of XP — XP
  • ???? — GAMERA
  • Win the current chapter — CHAPTERWIN
  • Teleport to the boss level — BOSS
  • Adds all fairies and the Armageddon Sword (which also shows the Armageddon Sword movie and unlocks Challenge Mode) — SECRETIZE

Loonyland 1 Edit

  • Cover the screen with explosions — SUPERBOOM
  • Full health — GETALIFE
  • Temporary invincibility — BANGZOOM
  • Temporary speed increase — GOGOGO

Badge CheatsEdit

Enter these on the Badge Select Screen while holding down Fire and Special at the same time:

  • Get/Lose Badge Selected — GIMME
  • Get all Badges — GIVEALL
  • Lose all Badges — CLEAR or delete loony.sav.
  • Mark all bosses beaten (for Boss Bash) — BOSSBASH

Loonyland 2 Edit

In addition to the cheat codes below, "BANGZOOM" and "GOGOGO" are left-over from Loonyland 1 but have no apparent effect.

  • Instant death (will level up Stoneskin) — GOODBYE
  • Reset the profile's controls — CONTROLS

Sleepless Hollow Edit

  • Summon a monster (does not work with bosses) — Type its name into the ledger in Sleepless Inn
  • Walk through walls — IDSPISPOPD