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Clockbots are robots that you can build to help you out. They are also powerful henchmen of the Snuggly Bunnies. For these, see Clockbot.


A Clockbot

Clockbot BuildingEdit

You build clockbots at a clock, out of 5 Junk Items or Mined Items, plus one for each level of your Clockwork talent. Each clockbot has base attack/defense/etc. values. Each junk item has a different effect on the created clockbot:

Junk Item Effect on Clockbot
Claw Clockbot Fires Thorns (1 per Claw)
Diamond Explosions on Hit (more Diamonds = larger area)
Emerald Clockbot Shocks (Zaps every 2 seconds - 1/6 second per Emerald) (11 Emeralds has the maximum shock rate; any more Emeralds is a waste)
Ectoplasm Clockbot Poisons (1 second per Ectoplasm)
Gear Increases Attack Rate (Time between attacks = 3 seconds - 0.3 second per Gear, each attack also takes 0.1 seconds) (10 Gears gives the maximum attack rate, except see Ruby)
Gold Explosions when Hit (2 damage per Gold)
Ice Cube Clockbot Freezes (1/2 second per Ice Cube)
Log Increases Maximum Health (Health = 20 + 5 per log)
Rock Increases Armor (Armor = 2 + 2 per rock)
Ruby Clockbot Fires Fireballs (1 per Ruby) (Each Ruby counts as -1 Gear; with 2 Rubies, you need 12 Gears for maximum attack rate)
Seed Clockbot Regenerates (recovers 1 Health per Seed, every 8 seconds)
Silver Clockbot Stuns (1/4 second per Silver)
Sock Increased Damage (Damage = 2 + 1 per Sock)
Stuffing Clockbot has Knock-Back Effect (more Stuffing = knocked farther)
Tin Can Vampiric Healing (recovers 1 Health when Clockbot defeats an enemy) (bugged, Madcap Crystals do not increase this healing!)

Base Clockbot Stats Edit

Stat Amount
Health 20
Damage 2
Armor 2
Attack Cooldown 3 seconds

Clockwork Talent Edit

Loonyland 2 Talent
Loonyland 2 > Talents
Effect: Allows you to build Clockbots by combining L+3 Junk Items
Levels up by: your clockbot killing enemies.
Location: Snuggly Bunny HQ
Game Description: It gets lonely out in the snow. Build yourself a friend out of the junk you find! The friend can be made from 5 items, plus 1 per level. Different items have different effects. Can only be done at a Clock.
Level 10 achievement: Clobberin' Time