A world that was made by Blackmyth, downloaded from the Hamumu website for Dr. Lunatic Supreme with Cheese.

Key of Lunacy awarded after beating level Lord of the Desert.

The Mummy Bros. Edit

Just mash all the mumbles and grab their brains. The level's candle is hidden in the right bottom corner of this enclosure.

Rock and Roll Edit

Just mash all badguys for Brains and check around the level for Candles before leaving.

The Cacton Gang Edit

Just mash all badguys, hit the walls at the left top corners for the hidden Candle and leave.

Ghost Duel Edit

Just mash all of the ghosts,grab their brains and candles and leave. Note the levels will close off when all enemies are dead, so do grab everything first before killing off every ghost.

Garden Showdown (Squash Keychain) Edit

Knock down the grass wall,then just grab all Candles and Brains and the Squash Keychain at the end and then leave.

Fire Fight (Pumpkin Keychain) Edit

A bit of a tough level,since getting pushed into the lava at any time will insta kill you.

So at the beginning, carefully move from Energy Barrier pickups all the way till you can mash the Scary Scarab and grab the Brain to turn off the Underlava in the level.

The Pumpkin Keychain is with the Boomkins top right corner of the battle area where the Scary Scarab was.

(Cant tell what the Desert destruction switch was for,though.)

Just remember the Candle near the lava like area before you leave.

Artic Attack (Hammer Keychain) Edit

Mash through the Seal ambush at the start,grab all the brains, then beat Olaf, then search around in the dark forest for Candles and leave.

Before you leave the level, remember to get the Hammer Keychain here,unlocks after Olaf is defeated.

Watery Chaos (Rocket Keychain) Edit

Mash all badguys with the firepower near the bottom left,(but leave those Treasure Chests alone, they are a trap,Bouapha will explode if less than 8 Badguys are left in the level.)

Grab all Brains and Candles and as for the Squash Keychain, you need to have collect 19 candles and have 10 or less monsters around to get access to it. Pick the Middle Rocket Keychain and leave.

Pumpking's Palace Edit

For the coin trail to the far end to the right to the Secret Level Pumpking's Treasury #2

Otherwise, proceed to the right and open the gate with this combination.

Dd pk G

Otherwise, grab the weapons on the way, grab all Brains and Candles,then mash all pumpkins.

Before you leave, remember to hit check the wall at the top left corners for the last candle.

Pumpking's Treasury #2 Edit

Just stealth through all the way to the end till you can get firepower from the vault and mash the easy hostile, then just grab candles on dark steathed path back as well.

Lord of the Desert Edit

Grab all firepower, destroy the Magic Lamps, then push all 3 signs to the lock ends to unlock the enclosure,then hit the red wall to make it go down.

From then, just mash Sphinxter and all his goons.Dont forget his two candles next to him and leave.

Review by McMonkeyMcBean Edit

Overall - 6.25/10

Hub - Ordinary hub level - nice level progression 6/10

The Cacton Gang - Play is well balanced, although I would have liked a little more firepower while shooting the moss. The specials giving the brains on the squash patches were switched. It would be hard to find the candle without radar. Fun to play. 6/10

The Mummy Bros - Good. A nice challenge fending off the Manic Mumbles. Fighting the Death Patrols was tedious; more firepower would be nice. It's hard to find the candle without radar. 5/10

Rock and Roll - A nice design. A decent challenge, but not overwhelming. I liked that you could choose which order to fight the monsters. 7/10

Ghost Duel - Good, but a bit on the easy side. Nice layout and monster progression. 6/10

Fire Fight - Good artwork, nice design. Good use of underlava. The shortcut back to the beginning was appreciated. 7/10

Garden Showdown - A nice fighting level. It's laid out well, with nice artwork. The stealth made it a bit on the easy side. 6/10

Arctic Attack - Very nice artwork, but too hard. Having to dodge snowballs and water on semi-icy terrain difficult. Something like this would be better at the beginning of the level so you don't have to replay the entire level when you die. The break between battles and the health regeneration are perfectly placed. 4/10

Underwater Chaos - This would have been my favorite level, except for one big flaw. The artwork and play balance are excellent. The major flaw is the insta-kills in two places at the end. Something like this should either be nearer the beginning of the level, or have some hint to help you select the correct keychain. 6/10 (would have been 9/10)

Lord of the Desert - Good fighting level, lots of carnage (fun!). The custom pizza and sound effect was very cool. 7/10

Pumpking's Treasury #2 - Excellent stealth level, the monsters tend to get in the way in the rightmost area. 8/10

Pumpking's Palace - Good level, well balanced. Placing the exit toward the end or having a shortcut back to the beginning would have been nice. 7/10

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