A world that was made by tdm that came packaged in Dr. Lunatic Supreme with Cheese, unlocked by purchasing it from Cleopatra's Secret.

Pooling Around![edit | edit source]

Because a whole bunch of Freakazoids spraying needles at you hurts, quickly grab the firepower and start shooting them, let them get you into RAGE,then unleash it on them, then quickly run to the food and Energy Barrier,then finish the remaining zoids and go home.

Stormy Desert[edit | edit source]

Kill a Dust Devil, then you will be warped to the other part of the level.

Stormy Desert.png

Then mash badguys,grab the Brains and Candles.Once you have all the Brains, you will get a Raft back home.

A Dusty Adventure (Hammer Keychain)[edit | edit source]

At the start, you are unarmed, you have to use the Bombs and Missiles lying around until you pick up your Hammers.

A dusty Adventure.png

Pretty much, just the same routine of mashing badguys,grabbing Brains. Remember to note where the Candle and Hammer Keychain are in the level.

Dusty Museum[edit | edit source]

Just bump around into objects for Keys and firepower,just be careful of the Rumbly Tumbly that drops in on you on the Level Exit area before you leave.

Dusty Museum.png

Leave Me Alone![edit | edit source]

Just grab the firepower,mash the badguys,grab the Brains and leave. Just make sure you dont get bombed warped when the monsters are spawning.

Desert Mania (Entrance to Secret level Desert Mess )[edit | edit source]

For the Record, here's where the Sand Mines are at the start of the level.

And note the entrance to the Secret Level Desert Mess at the cracked wall near that sign Bouapha has his back turned on.

Desert Mania Sand Mine.png

Other than that,just mash the badguys,grab the Candles and leave.

Desert Mess (Secret Level)[edit | edit source]

Just mash the badguys,"Clean" up the Black Oil and go home.

Desert Island (Pumpkin Keychain)[edit | edit source]

Grab the Axe,kill the Cacton and Shrooms and hit the Palm Tree to spawn a Raft.

Then go around rafting,mashing Badguys,Brains and Candles.

Remember to get the Pumpkin Keychain.

Desert island pumpkin keychain.png

Sandy Digs (Squash Keychain)[edit | edit source]

Bump around the objects and crates,then just mash the badguys,then bump into the cracked wall.

Once it's sunset, mash more badguys,collect the Brains and get the Squash Keychain from this hole here.

Sandy Digs Squash keychain.png

Then bump into the cracked wall again and you will be warped into a shed full of Boneheads and grab the Brains and the lone Candle. Grab all the Brains,mash the Boneheads and you will be warped to a tomb with Crazybones, which after beaten ,a Richie Lich will spawn.

Then go home via the plant.

Desert Garden (Keychain Level)[edit | edit source]

Just mash the badguys,grab the Candles and leave.

Spooky Pyramid (Key of Lunacy)[edit | edit source]

At the beginning you have to get through the forest maze,grab the firepower, grab the Green Key, once you are in the desert section with the Pyramid,you then have to get through the Scary Scarab,then go through the Pyramid to the Key of Lunacy and the level exit.

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