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Digger Bodzha

Digger Bodzha
Stinkin' Bodzha


The Digger Bodzha is found in the Underworld. It is able to dig underground temporarily, making it difficult to spot, though it sprays dirt into the air as it does so, making it possible to follow. When it is attacked, or attacks you, it surfaces. It can drop a claw when killed, along with equipment and money.

Loonyland 2 Monster
Loonyland 2: Winter Woods
Name: Digger Bodzha
HP: 30
Armor: 5
Damage: 15
Item Drops: Claw
Description: See above

Where to find it Edit

Digger Bodzhas are found in the following places:

Arena Battles Edit

Digger Bodzhas feature in the following fights in Tina's Arena:

  • The Big Bodzha Battle
  • Holy Floor