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Dumb: The Game was an online puzzle site containing a "collection of incredibly fiendish puzzles." Solving the puzzles increased the player's Dumb Quotient, and also gave them coins with which to unlock more puzzles. When it was first released, it had 19 puzzles. Before the site closed, it had 57 puzzles.

You connected your Dumb: The Game profile to your Dumb Account to then earn trophies by completing set numbers of puzzles. You could connect your accounts by using the same email address for both of them.

Sometime after May 2013, the "" domain expired, and was replaced by "".

Between May and September of 2017, before was redesigned, the site was taken down due to having little traffic[1].


  1. Jamul. Dumb: The Game updates!. Hamumu Forums. 2017-09-27. Archived from the original on 2017-10-11. "Yes, I actually pulled the plug on it when switching servers. So update: it is gone! Nobody visited anymore, so that was the easiest way to maintain it!"
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