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Every member of Hamumu has their own Dumb Page. These are viewable under the "Hang Out" section of the site. Dumb pages are used for a wide variety of information which are specified on this page. If you're logged in, clicking on Hang Out will bring you automatically to your own Dumb Page, but if you aren't, it will bring you to Jamul's profile (the administrator).


Every user has a talk page, which is also used as the default page for when you go on somebody's profile.

On the talk section, users can post messages, either public or private, but can only be a maximum of 240 letters/numbers/symbols. You can also attach Yerfbucks to your messages, or attach a Monstergrams. The earning/revoke of trophies, public messages from other users and events such as changing your custom title will appear on your talk page.

If you post on somebody's talk page, you can remove your message, but the effects from posting your message will not be reversed (ex: sending yerfbucks).


On the profile section, the user's join date, last visit, and other miscellaneous info is shown, as well as game ownership and an Action Photo if the user has sent one in.


This section displays the user's gallery of trophies.


This portion of the user's Dumb Page details fan art and Dr. Lunatic, Stockboy, and Loonyland 2 worlds they have made.


This part displays the user's collection of Monster Cards.

Game Stuff[]

This section displays Sleepless Hollow Goals and Costume Party Awards the user has earned, as well as their Electrofishing best catch and their world ranking in Costume Party.


Here the "friends" this user has made are displayed, and where other users can make friends with this user. If you're on your own Friends page, it is also used to accept friend requests or to break up friendships.