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Electrofishing is available in Sleepless Hollow when you acquire the Electroreel.

You will need the Sparkthrower to hit the 3 lamps in the center of the lake to get the rock that is in the way to vanish, so that this raft can go to the island with the Electroreel.

Electroreel path how-0.jpg

To Electrofish, you must equip the Classic Red Hammer, and stand facing a body of water. Press the Mystic Power button to cast out your line (X or Shift by default). It costs 10 Energy to cast. Holding it down longer sends the bobber further out. The bobber will then slowly reel in towards you. If it lights up and splashes, a fish is on the line and you must tap the fire button very quickly (Z or CTRL by default) to catch it.

Different fish have different effects when caught, and have different potential sizes (any fish can be almost any size, but some are far more likely to be larger than others). Different fishing areas yield different fish, and require different levels of skill to be successful in. Your fishing skill increases by one for every fish you catch, as well as each Aquazoid you defeat. Brayka Lake is the easiest fishing spot, and is where you should begin improving your skill.


Fish Location Effect Level Size Multiplier
Bonefish Ghastly Graveyard Restores Energy 30 1.5x
Brayka Bass Brayka Lake Heals None 0.7x
Silverfish Tomb of Mirrors 10 exp on ALL mystic hammers. 10 1.2x
Glarch Tomb of Darkness Creates a flame (first one caught gives a candle) 20 2.0x
Darkwallow Tomb of Darkness Creates The Darkness 20 1.6x
Electric Eel Tomb of Sparks Creates a moving spark 25 1.1x
Screecher Tomb of Din 200 exp 30 1.4x
Napfish Sleepy Woods Increases a random Hammer's Mystic XP 80 3.0x
Hollowfin Underhollow Restores Energy 40 1.3x
Mudglopper Deadly mud Reduces Life (1) 2.0x
Unwanted Goldfish Sleepless Hollow Gives a goal 20 (2)

(1) The level required to fish for a Mudglopper matches the map you are fishing on.
(2) The Unwanted Goldfish is always 1 lb.

Fishing Tips[]

  • Different fishing areas require different skill levels. The higher your skill, the more bites you get, and if your skill is too low for an area, you get no bites there at all.
  • Every fish has a different effect on you when caught. Another thing worthy of cataloging on a wiki!
  • Different fish have different size potential, though any fish can theoretically reach the maximum size. You are significantly more likely to win the lottery than catch a 200+lb Brayka Bass, however.
  • Higher fishing skill=bigger fish.
  • You can gain fishing skill in one way besides fishing. Think about it.
  • The longer your bobber is in the water (logically!) the more likely you are to get a bite, so long casts are better, when they are possible. Illogically, time spent flying through the air also counts, giving another advantage to long casts. But you can also stand a ways back from the water when the fishing area is small, to take advantage of this rule and increase your odds of actually catching something in a small space.
  • Any type of fish can be caught with a fishing level of 50.
  • The Napfish seems to level your Mystic Hammer level by 1, or gives so much exp that it looks like it does.