General Tasks Edit

If you're just looking for something quick to contribute to, an excellent place to start are these categories:

  • Need Info for pages which are missing specific information (also stubs, maybe this will change).
  • Stubs for pages where the bulk of the article has yet to be written.
  • Cleanup for pages which contain useful information but are messy or disorganized.

A few other general things that need doing include:

  • Add documentation to all the Templates.
  • Finish the help pages. For example, the help page for adding templates shows the main help menu! (Is this a specific problem for this wiki?)
  • Finish the Style Guide.

Specific Projects Edit

Game Pages Edit

As of this writing the following games, gamelets, and webgames are missing (pages still missing are redlinks):

Dr. Lunatic Monsters Edit

Many pages exist in Category:Dr L Monsters, but as of this writing these are missing (pages still missing are redlinks):

BlowerBuddyBotCactonCentipumpkinCoffinCountessDark CoffinDark VampireGeneratorGood TurretHelpyBotLoony ZoomerLoonyBot 5000LoonyGunLunaChickMatilda-XMini-SubMoss GrandeMoss RapidoMultiMossParked CarPatrol MumbleRaftRobopumpkinRock TrooperRumbly TumblySanta ClausScarier BatShock TrooperSkele-TONSnow BlowerSpikeySquash PatchStan GlassStupid ShroomSuckerSuper ZombieThe BoilerTrafficTreasure ChestTurretWacky WizardWet Willy

Body parts and variations with the same model (Patrol Mumble) should share pages, while variations with different models (Aquazoid) should have multiple pages.