A world that came packaged in the Supreme Original Add-Ons Pack addon, downloaded from the Hamumu website.

There was also a separate Supremized version released at a later date.

The Gardens Edit

Pretty much still a simple grab firepower,mash badguys and leave.

The Guarded Area Edit

Grab the firepower,make past the Roly Poly,BUT DO NOT TAKE UP THE PUMPKIN KEYCHAIN,IT'S A FAKE TRAP! Then grab the keys,mash the Zombie and leave.

Baron's Land Edit

Just mash badguys,make it to the exit and leave.

Flood Zone Edit

Just mash badguys,grab Keys,make it to the exit.

WAR! (Actually bugged level,just use Win Level cheat) Edit

Just watch as the battle finishes on it's own and take the Blue key to unlock the Blue Doors and wait till it finishes.Or use Win level cheat.(Note: Due to the presence of the original Bouapha,your camera is non functional this game.)

The Exploration (Key of Lunacy) Edit

Make your way pass the forest and watery chasm and village (You can step on the warp tile with the Key of Lunacy to get it),then mash the badguys and leave.

The demon's lair Edit

Just mine carting and mashing badguys level.

Happy Castle (Hammer Keychain) Edit

Grab the firepower,go to the dark shed,mash pygmies,grab the Blue Key and go into the castle.

Get through the watery passage with Aquazoids on the left for the Brain & keys and then make your way through the Really Hard Maze,get to this little corner here for the Hammer Keychain.

Happy castle hammer keychain

Make it out of the maze to the Mossy area ,mash em up,go through the Yellow Door to Dragon's Lair.

Use the Jet Pack to fly to the Pointless Water Area and use the raft to cross to the Queen's Throne,grab the Yellow Key nearby,mash the badguys and leave.

The Witches Cabin Edit

Mash the Pygmies, but do not kill the Ninjabread man and the level should end.

Once Upon A Time... Edit

Mash Dr Lunatic and his minions and finish.

Happy Stick Hideout Edit

Mash the Happy Stick Men and their generators and finish.

Bookworm's Paradise Edit

Grab the firepower and the Blue key and go inside the library.

Now,go and mash the Pygmies sitting at the table and grab the Lightning rod nearby and go here and zap the Pygmies here.

Bookworm paradise
Move the push tiles like this very carefully,or you will have to restart the level.
Bookworm paradise tile push maze

After grabing the Brains,make your way past the Burner chasms.You have 3 choices.

Left-5 Ghosts,2 Vampires

Middle-Kongor,Doom Bunny

Right-A single Bonehead,

Choose any of them and leave.


As said at the start,you have 50 seconds before you fail the level.

Secret level 50 sec path

The Legend of Smelda (Pumpkin Keychain) Edit

Typical mash badguys and leave level,just remember to grab the Pumpkin Keychain after mashing the Boneheads in the village.

Happy Cloning Vats Edit

Mash the Clones and their generators and leave.


Mash the Santa Claus and finish.

D-DAY 2003 Edit

Pretty much a goodguys vs badguys level.For the Squash Keychain, head over to a portal to the lower right and get warped to an island,then take the Raft down,grab it and be warped back.

Matilda,Queen of Happiness (Rocket Keychain) Edit

Mash Matilda and finish. For the Rocket Keychain,step on this tile to warp to it.

Matilda rocket happyland adv

Poompking Palace Edit

Mash the Pumpkins and leave.

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