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Infinite Deadly Islands Of Terror (abbreviated I.D.I.O.T.) is a flash game created by Jamul during the Ludum Dare 48 hour game creation competition. Explore an infinite number of deadly and terrifying islands as Gaston Lafleur, an unfortunate pirate.

Gameplay and features[]

The character is moved around with the arrow keys, and Z or Y will make him use his sea gypsy magic. X will place planks in water to make bridges. The goal of the game is to find the boat in each level to get to the next. As the name suggests, the game never ends, so it's a rush for a high-score before you run out of time.


Description Frequency Points
Heart Heals your character 10 HP Once per level 10
X Marks the location of treasure! Once per level 1000
x2 Doubles point intake for a short period of time Once per level n/a
Shovel Allows you to dig up the treasure Once per level 50
Wood Can later be placed in water to make a bridge Random, at least amount needed 20
Boat Takes you to the next level Once per level 500 + HPx10


Name Health Attach Description Frequency
Gaston.png Gaston Lafleur 50 1 This is you! you lose 1 hp per second and start the game with 3 logs once per level
Killer kiwi.png Killer Kiwi 3 10 This is a Killer kiwi! They deal lots of damage but take only three hits to kill +1 every level

Known Problems[]

  • "Sand Boboil'd": Spawning on an isolated island without any way to get off it or beating the level
  • Sneaky Boat: The boat can sometimes hide behind the health bar
  • Pesky Trees: Trees are impassable and indestructible, sometimes blocking off the boat and other important things