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Chapter 1,2 and 3 maps

Can't find a fairy bell or Armageddon Sword piece? You're in the right place! This is a list of all of the items you need to find in the game Kid Mystic.

This contains:

  1. Spell locations: In four or five levels in each chapter are spell books, which allow you to cast spells, costing some magic.
  2. Fairy Bell Locations: Fairy Bells are wand-looking things that you collect in levels. When you grab one, a fairy will appear in the chapter hub. You will then have to catch it. Once a fairy is collected, you can turn it on or off in the hub. Different fairies will give you advantages and disadvantages. There are four fairies in each chapter; there are 16 in the whole game. Tip: the compass thing is useful for tracking fairies in the hub.
  3. Armageddon Sword Piece Locations: In one level in every chapter, there is one of four pieces of the Armageddon Sword. Once you have collected all for pieces, you will get the extremely powerful weapon.

Spell Locations[]

Chapter 1[]

  • Energy Barrage is in Magical Wisdom
  • Seeker Bolt is in Grassy Roll
  • Ice Blast is in Just a Puddle
  • Dragon’s Flame is in Mushy Hollow

Chapter 2[]

  • Summon Ptero is in Spider's Lair
  • Healing is in Mush-Aid
  • Berserk is in Abandoned Village
  • Inferno is in Creepy Creek
  • Stoneskin is in Among the Hedges

Chapter 3[]

  • Insane Rage is in The Vault
  • Life is in The Library
  • Hyper Inferno is in The Guest Chambers
  • Energy Storm is in The Ballroom
  • Ice Beam is in The Gatehouse

Chapter 4[]

  • Armageddon is in Armageddon Shrine
  • Seeker Swarm is in The Mines
  • Summon Golem is in The Caves Of Obnoxiousness
  • Liquefy is in Toasty Caverns
  • Steelskin is in Bats! Bats! Bats!

Fairy Bell Locations[]

Chapter 1[]

  • Grabby Fairy is in Abandoned Hut
  • Runny Fairy is in The Docks
  • Casty Fairy is in Plants Gone Wild
  • Blocky Fairy is in Trick Shot Challenge

Chapter 2[]

  • Vampy Fairy is in The Hidden Temple
  • Smashy Fairy is in Lost In The Woods
  • Cheapy Fairy is in River Rafting
  • Toughy Fairy is in Temple of Kings

Chapter 3[]

  • Richey Fairy is in Twisty Passages, All Alike
  • Smarty Fairy is in Violent Eyes A-Flying
  • Healey Fairy is in Whack-a-Zoid
  • Savey Fairy is in The Castle Sewers

Chapter 4[]

  • Shooty Fairy is in Red River Rafting
  • Haggly Fairy is in Smashball
  • Scary Fairy is in Puzzling Caverns
  • Mighty Fairy is in Gastro-Pods

Armageddon Sword Piece Locations[]

  • Chapter 1: A piece of the Armageddon Sword is in The Grasslands
  • Chapter 2: A piece of the Armageddon Sword is in A Hidden Clearing
  • Chapter 3: A piece of the Armageddon Sword is in Off The Deep End
  • Chapter 4: A piece of the Armageddon Sword is in Armageddon Shrine


These are the maps to the various Overworlds of Kid Mystic, marked with fairies and spells.

Chapter 4[]