Spoiler Warning! This page contains information that could reveal
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"If you are reading this, you are a low-down dirty cheater. Stop now if you don't want the fun of finding all the badges in Loonyland ruined!" ~ Jamul

Number Name Gained By: Effect
1 Quick Mode Defeat The Evilizer in 3:00:00 Quick Mode: You do everything at double speed. Any shots you fire also travel at double speed.
2 Bowlin' Get Jamulio rank in Bowling Mode Disco Mode: The screen changes slowly between seizure-inducing colours during gameplay.
3 Vandalizin' Smash all the gravestones in both Zombiton Graveyards Vintage Mode: The entire screen is overlaid with a greyscale old film effect and game speed is doubled. Music and most sound effects are disabled, and there is an additional background sound loop resembling a vintage camera rolling film. Extra messages will appear whenever you get bored or lose life.
4 Greed Collect a total of 5000 gems Infinite Gems: You always have the maximum number of gems (subject to the current amount of maximum gems you can hold).
5 Monster Slayin' Get 30,000 Monster Points Hardcore Mode: Save crystals no longer work, but the game saves whenever you quit, and your saved game is deleted if you are defeated. Save Anywhere still works.*
6 Monster Poundin' Get 10,000 Monster Points Sidekick: The quest "A True Hero" is automatically completed and Farley the Ghost Bat will always be at your side, regardless of your health. However, if you do not have either Ultimate Firepower or Terror Mode enabled, Farley will not follow or assist you until you obtain 5000 Monster Points. Losing life will cause Farley to lose a moderate amount of power instead of disappearing until you regain full life.
7 Ghostbustin' Defeat Polterguy in 0:30:00 Homing Shots: Your slingshot shots, Devil Dolls and thrown knives will home in on nearby enemies. This does nothing if you are playing as Bonkula or Toad.
8 Lookin' Get the Arrow in The Witch's Cabin without using a torch 20/20 Vision: All dark areas are lit up (although your character may still complain about needing a torch in certain locations).
9 Ultimate Victory Get Jamulio Rank in Adventure Mode Ultimate Firepower: Start the game with all Lightning Bolts, Pants and Arrows, as well as silver-coated weapons, ghostslaying potion, the Reflect and Triple Crystals and Farley the Ghost Bat at full power.*
10 Kickin' Get Jamulio Rank in Loony Ball Mode Surprise Mode: Most enemies are replaced with enemies of around the same difficulty; this may occasionally cause tougher enemies to be replaced with groups of weaker enemies, or inversely cause certain enemies to be replaced with mini-bosses such as Happy Stick Witch or Mini-Frankenjulie. "Important" monsters, such as bosses or quest-critical monsters, will not be replaced.
11 Boss Bashin' Get Jamulio Rank in Boss Bash Mode Combo-Bombo: All monsters explode when killed, damaging (or outright killing) other nearby monsters.
12 Vampire Slayin' Defeat Bonkula in 1:00:00 Play As Bonkula: Loses life over time (unless Guaranteed Survival is enabled) and gains life for every monster killed. Primary weapon is a smash attack that damages all enemies within its effective radius; special weapons are unchanged. Arrows increase the effective radius of the primary weapon. Very fast and slippery movement.**
13 Sneakin' From the entrance of Haunted Tower, get to Haunted Tower - Floor 2 without killing any ghosts Play As Swampdog: Gains power by collecting Monster Points (i.e. defeating monsters). Primary weapon powerups (Lightning Bolts, Pants and Arrows) refill life and gems only. Primary weapon is a spread slingshot attack; special weapons are unchanged.
14 Witch Hunt Defeat Happy Stick Witch in 1:00:00 Play As Witch: Casts spells instead of using weapons to attack or picking up Hearts to regain life. Starts with a Blast spell that is functionally identical to a slingshot. Fire button casts the active spell; Special button switches between spells. Spells require Magic to cast, and can be learned and leveled up by finding special weapon powerups, as well as making use of them. Lightning Bolts and Pants increase Magic recovery; Arrows increase maximum Magic; Hearts recover Magic.**
15 Animal Control Defeat every werewolf in the Wolf Den Play as Werewolf: Special weapon consumes 30 gems to transform Loony into a werewolf for 10 seconds; primary weapon is unchanged. The transformation effect (to and from a werewolf) causes a minor explosion that destroys rocks and damages enemies within contact range. While transformed into a werewolf, speed is increased and the werewolf also has a passive electrical aura that damages nearby enemies; primary weapon is a pounce attack; special weapon is a stationary projectile barrage that can be aimed by holding down the Special and Left/Right buttons. In addition to their standard enhancements, Lightning Bolts increase the damage of the werewolf's primary weapon and aura; Pants increase the firing rate of the werewolf's primary and special weapons; Arrows increase the spread of the werewolf's special weapon as well as the effective range of its passive aura and the frequency of it damaging enemies.**
16 Annoyance Annoy Zizwalda by talking to her 5 times after starting the "Mushroom Hunt" quest, but before you collect all 10 mushrooms to complete it Play as Toad: This Merit Badge is automatically enabled (and forces you to play as Toad, regardless of which "Play As" badge you have enabled) whenever you annoy Zizwalda. Primary weapon is a short-ranged tongue attack that knocks enemies back and does double damage; special weapons are unchanged. Arrows increase the knockback effect of the primary weapon. Has increased movement speed.**
17 Civic Duty Defeat all monsters in Gloomy Cavern before talking to the girl Enemy Overload: Enemies respawn over time. This badge does not affect bosses.
18 Winnin' Complete Adventure Mode Crystal Ball: Causes the map name at the bottom-right of the screen to appear teal, with it turning a brighter shade of teal the closer you are to a powerup, or red if there are no powerups in the current map. The "Eternal Longing" exhibit in Castle Vampy I will always trigger this effect but cannot be obtained unless Molecular Dispersion is enabled.
19 Combo Plate Get a Combo x50 Radar: Generates a small square region at the bottom-right of the screen (above the map name) that shows the location of enemies (red crosses), NPCs (white crosses) and yourself (green cross) on the current map.
20 Cleanin' Up Destroy all rocks in Rocky Cliffs Heavy Hitter: Pants and Arrows also increase the damage of your primary weapon (a la Lightning Bolts) instead of their usual effect, thereby increasing the maximum amount of damage your primary weapon does per shot. The range of your primary weapon is also increased slightly, although it cannot be upgraded.
21 Findin' Pick up the Merit Badge hidden in the Wolf Den—in the uppermost chamber, stand between the two rocks, fire upwards at the wall (which opens a hidden passage at the bottom of the room), then enter the hidden passage and walk to the end Rapid Fire: Start the game with all 10 Pants.*
22 Extreme Survivin' Finish Survival Mode with Terror Mode enabled Touch Of Death: Kill any monster (including bosses, invulnerable monsters and NPCs, but excluding the goalie in Loony Ball Mode) with a single hit from weapons fire or splash damage. Due to the way this Merit Badge works, also causes normally invulnerable monsters to be affected by other Merit Badges, such as Slo-Mo.
23 Huntin' Defeat every enemy in the overworld of Adventure Mode in one pass All Access Pass: Begin the game with every area-unlocking item (i.e. special keys, fertilizer, boots, mystery orbs, Castle Vampy Statues and the Happy Stick figure) and Bombs unlocked, have unlimited normal keys and access to Rocky Cliffs granted (although the VIllager will still demand 75 gems when you talk to him for the first time).*
24 Advanced Winnin' Get 100% completion in Adventure Mode by collecting everything and finishing every quest Terror Mode: Begin the game with all Lightning Bolts, Pants and Arrows, the Reflect and Triple Crystals and Farley the Ghost Bat at full power. Super Hearts increase maximum life by 2 upon collection. Monsters move at double speed and take half damage, and fire bullets that travel at double speed.*
25 Survivin' Get Jamulio Rank in Survival Mode Save Anywhere: Adds the Save Game option in the game's pause menu, allowing you to save the game at any point in addition to bumping into Save Crystals. The Save Game option does not work once the battle with The Evilizer has started, however.
26 Puppy Poundin' Beat Larry in 1:00:00 Guided Shots: Drastically increases the range of your slingshot shots, Devil Dolls and thrown knives, and they can now be steered using the arrow keys. This does nothing if you are playing as Bonkula or Toad.
27 Mad Skeetz' Complete Adventure Mode with Terror Mode enabled Kick the Cat: Turns the ball in Bowling and Loony Ball Modes into a cat, complete with new sound effects.
28 Frankenfryin' Defeat Frankenjulie in 0:30:00 Slo-Mo: All enemies and bullets they fire move at half speed. Monster drops also last twice as long before expiring.
29 Combo Magic Get a Combo x10 in Survival Mode Infinite Survival: Replaces Survival Mode with a new mode that goes on indefinitely (although it loops back to Wave 1 after Wave 256) and features levels with increasingly difficult, randomly-generated enemies.
30 Hedge-Clippin' Destroy every cat-tail in Slurpy Swamp, including the ones over the shore at Vampy Land Frog-o-rama: Slingshot and Devil Doll shots (inlcuding the sound effect when they are fired), items dropped from monsters and fire effects are changed into frogs. Ribbits will also spawn over time on all maps, even if Enemy Overload is disabled.
31 R-R-R-Remix! Get 100% completion in Remix Mode by collecting everything and finishing every quest Play As Summony: Special weapon summons a minion or throws a Devil Doll that does much more damage than the basic slingshot shot but cannot be upgraded. Special key switches between the Devil Doll and summons. Collecting the special weapons allows you to summon new kinds of minions. Super Hearts increase overall minion life; Lightning Bolts increase overall minion damage; Pants increase overall minion speed; Arrows increase the number of minions you can summon at any one time.
32 Witchcraft When playing as Witch, get all her spells to Level 10 (erroneously mentioned as Level 9 in-game) Play As Ninja Girl: Primary weapon is a supply of thrown knives, which can be fired at a faster rate than slingshot shots but are recharged whenever the supply runs out, you take damage or a power-up is applied. Instead of using special weapons, spends 20 gems to imbue primary weapon with a power-up that is changed whenever you collect a different special weapon but can be stacked with other power-ups. Lightning Bolts increase power-up duration and Arrows increase supply. When the fire key is held down, your firing direction is locked, allowing you to strafe enemies and/or fire sideways/backwards.**
33 Ninjitsu' When playing as Ninja Girl, have all 7 power-ups active at the same time Molecular Dispersion: Pass through all immovable objects.
34 Stayin' Alive Get to Infinity Wave 100 in Infinite Survival Mode Guaranteed Survival: You are invincible and cannot take damage under any circumstances (including walking into water/swamp or via Bonkula's passive life loss).
35 Hooliganin' Cause a riot in Loony Ball Mode by sending too many monsters into the penalty box Bend it Like Bouapha: You have greater control over the ball after kicking/throwing it in Bowling and Loony Ball Modes.
36 Swampdoggin' When playing as Swampdog, reach Level 50 Stinky Farley: Farley the Ghost Bat releases Whoopee Cushion clouds instead of firing his normal bullets.
37 Scorin' Score 10,000,000 points in any mode Ultra Weapons Are Go!: Replaces the Level 3 version of every special weapon with an insanely overpowered one that also costs significantly more gems to use. This does nothing if you are playing as Witch, Werewolf, Summony or Ninja Girl.
38 Brawlin' With Touch Of Death enabled, defeat every Villager in Benny's Cocktails Thorns Aura: A ring of thorns circle your character, which destroys any cat-tail or gravestone you walk into and fires Potted Cactus spikes whenever you lose life for any reason (inlcuding walking into water/swamp or due to Bonkula's passive life loss).
39 Minin' For Treasure Pick up the Merit Badge by defeating every monster in the Abandoned Mine in Remix Mode—to do this, pick up the 4 keys, but go to the center mineshaft first, as it contains a fifth key. Once all the monsters in the mine have been defeated, return to the center mineshaft and walk to the end of the hidden passage that opens at the back Monster Regeneration: All monsters regenerate their life rapidly.
40 Digitly Masterin' Earn the other 39 Merit Badges! Farley Free Zone: Removes Farley the Ghost Bat (as both an NPC and sidekick) from the game. This also prevents the quest "A True Hero" from being started or completed if it has not been started or is still in progress.

If you still can't get whatever you're trying to get, look at the Loonyland cheats here.


  • *Only applies when you start a new game.
  • **Only one "play-as" badge can be used at a time.