Special Weapons[edit | edit source]

Special Weapons are weapons dropped by monsters. They require gems to use. Each time you collect a weapon of the same type without collecting any other weapon, the weapons rank (and therefore power) is raised, the highest rank being III. Collecting a different weapon resets the rank to I.

Bomb[edit | edit source]

When thrown, a Bomb will roll along the ground and bounce off walls, and will only explode when it hits an enemy or after three seconds. The bombs blast radius the more the weapon is upgraded, and they also blow up some varieties of rock, and are the only way to pass these.

Lightning Wand[edit | edit source]

When used, electricity shoots out from Loony to any enemy on the screen and will hurt any enemies hit. Upgrades will increase the damage done by the zaps.

Hot Pants[edit | edit source]

When used, Loony will move extra fast and trail flames that damage enemies.

Potted Cactus[edit | edit source]

When used, cactus needles will shoot out of Loony in random directions. Upgrading increases the quantity and damage of the needles.

Ice Wand[edit | edit source]

When used, ice "bullets" are shot out from Loony. They will freeze enemies. Upgrading increases quantity of bullets.

Whoopie Cushion[edit | edit source]

When used, poisonous gases fill the air around Loony, damaging enemies based on time spent in the clouds. Upgrading increases the amount of gas released.

Boomerang[edit | edit source]

When used, a boomerang is shot straight forward, then will return after a certain range. Loony can only have a limited number of boomerangs on screen at any given time.

Gems[edit | edit source]

  • Green gems are worth 1 gem each.
  • Yellow gems are worth 5 gems each.
  • Purple gems: Purple gems are a Power-up, they increase your maximum Gems by 25 each. (Appear yellow in your inventory)

Classic Mode Locations[edit | edit source]

Hearts[edit | edit source]

  1. The Witch's Cabin: Secret entrance; go behind the house outside.
  2. A Cabin (Luniton SW): Reward for quest Tree Trimming.
  3. Swamp Gas Cavern: Third room, NE, behind a breakable wall.
  4. The Bog Pit: North. (Skull Key)
  5. Slurpy Swamp (Overworld): Southeast, guarded by Bog Beast.
  6. Slurpy Swamp (Overworld): Northeast, and the end of a path guarded by Poison Trees and Bog Beast.
  7. The Witch's Cabin: Reward for quest Mushroom Hunt.
  8. Dusty Crypt: Southwest. (Pumpkin Key)
  9. Rusty Crypt: East. (Fertilizer)
  10. A Gloomy Cavern: Have the lost girl pick the lock on the door.
  11. Rocky Cliffs (Overworld): Northwest, Eastern path, guarded by Pharaoh Faucet.
  12. Underground Tunnel: East. (Pumpkin Key)
  13. A Hidey-Hole: Southwest. (Bat Key)
  14. Creepy Caverns (Center): East, guarded by 2 Grand Pharaohs and a Pharaoh Faucet. (Bat Key)
  15. Under The Lake: North, take Southwest path, behind a Lightball.
  16. Happy Stick Woods: Northeast.
  17. Castle Vampy (1st floor): North, behind a door; keys are in the Northwest maze and the Northeast rooms.
  18. Castle Vampy III: Center, guarded by Vamp Lord, prepare for ambush by Draculites. (Skull Key) (Bat Key)
  19. Castle Vampy IV: Southeast, take the right path, guarded by Numbskulls (Skull Key) (Bat Key) (Pumpkin Key)
  20. The Heart Of Terror (Castle Vampy Portal): Northwest, in a small maze. (Skull Key) (Bat Key) (Pumpkin Key)

Lightning Bolts[edit | edit source]

  1. Terror Glade (Overworld): South-southwest of the center.
  2. Slurpy Swamp (Overworld): West of the north Save Crystal.
  3. Underground Tunnel: Behind a breakable wall next to the Pumpkin Door.
  4. Musty Crypt: Southeast in the maze, behind a breakable wall, guarded by a Numbskull
  5. Rocky Cliffs (Overworld): Southwest, only accessible from Mystery Lake (Fertilizer)
  6. Rocky Cliffs (Overworld): Center, Western path, guarded by Grand Pharaoh.
  7. The Wolf Den: Northwest, following the path Left Left Left Right Left.
  8. Under The Ravine: Northwest. (Fertilizer)
  9. Under The Lake: Northeast, take Northeast path. (Bat Key)
  10. Castle Vampy III: Northeast, access from Center room, guarded by 3 Vamp Lords. (Skull Key) (Bat Key)

Arrows[edit | edit source]

  1. The Bog Pit: East, behind a barrel.
  2. The Witch's Cabin: Southeast, in the darkness. (Torch)
  3. Rusty Crypt: Southwest, behind rocks.
  4. A Messy Cabin (Zombiton SW): Solve barrel puzzle; hit each wheel once.
  5. The Wolf Den: Northwest, follow left wall from the beginning. (Pumpkin Key)
  6. Upper Creepy Caverns: Northeast, guarded by 3 Numbskulls.
  7. Creepy Caverns (Right): North, guarded by Grand Pharaohs.
  8. Castle Vampy (1st floor): Northwest, in a maze.
  9. Castle Vampy II: In Northwest cluster of rooms, in West room; see diagram for G. (Skull Key)
  10. Castle Vampy III: Southeast, Flip the 4 switches and defeat the 4 ambushes. (Skull Key) (Bat Key)

A Entrance B Exit C Hallways D Key in Hallways E Stairwell only accessible from ground floor F Bat Statue G Arrow H Pants I Vampire Statue

Pants[edit | edit source]

  1. Swamp Gas Cavern: Second room, NW. (Bat Key)
  2. Underground Tunnel: At the end of a path in the middle of the first hallway.
  3. Rocky Cliffs (Overworld): Southeast, Eastern path. (Bomb)
  4. A Hidey-Hole: Southeast, kill all monsters to access it.
  5. Haunted Tower, Floor 2: Northwest, move empty spaces to make a path from south to north on the west side.
  6. Creepy Caverns (Center): Center, guarded by Gargoyles, flip switch to access.
  7. Deeper Under The Lake: Southeast, flip switches in the north to: Right Right Right Left Left Left Right Right.
  8. Castle Vampy II: In Northeast cluster of rooms, in North room; see diagram for H. (Skull Key)
  9. Castle Vampy IV: Southwest, take left path, guarded by Vamp Lords. (Skull Key) (Bat Key) (Pumpkin Key)
  10. Dusty Crypt: West, in a small maze.

Gems[edit | edit source]

  1. Swamp Gas Cavern: Second room, SW. (Bomb)
  2. The Bog Pit: Southwest, Kill the Bog Beast to access it.
  3. The Wolf Den: Southeast. (Fertilizer)
  4. Under The Ravine: Northeast. (Fertilizer) (Skull Key)
  5. A Tiny Cabin (Luniton NW): Center. (Skull Key)
  6. Castle Vampy IV: Southeast, behind a secret wall. (Skull Key) (Bat Key) (Pumpkin Key)

Remix Mode Locations[edit | edit source]

Hearts[edit | edit source]

(0) Underground Tunnel – You’ll need the Skull Key. Open the Skull door on the left side of the passageway, beat Agent Skully inside, and plow through the field of cat-tails to grab it. Nothing tricky, but lots of fun smashing.

(1) Slurpy Swamp – You need Fertilizer to get this one. If you go to the far right of the Swamp, where the Swampdog Lair is, then head up a little bit, you’ll see a wiggling plant. Stepping on it will grow it out to a lilypad with the heart on it.

(2) Swamp Gas Cavern – Bomb your way through the huge pile of rocks in the upper left of the big chamber above where you start. It’s just sitting there!

(3) A Tiny Cabin – This cabin is in Luniton, locked with a Skull Key. Step in, dodge the boulders, and grab the heart at the top!

(4) Daisy Peak – Go through the Bat Door near the beginning, beat Agent Skully and grab it!

(5) Creepy Caverns – After you’ve gone down to Under The Ravine and back up the right side, you encounter a set of rolling boulders in vertical passages. Normally, you’d wait for an opening and rush through. But in the second boulder’s passage, there’s a skinny hidden path at the bottom, so when the boulder is above you, run down to the bottom and into the passage to discover this Heart.

(6) Haunted Tower – On the 2nd floor, locked behind a Bat Key door on the upper left of the level.

(7) Swampdog Lair – After you beat everybody in the lair, you are supposed to step on the vine at the end for a shortcut back to the beginning. But the vine grows in two directions. Head upward along the vine, and you’ll see a crank out in the water to your left. Shoot it to open the passage containing the heart. You’ll have to backtrack to get it, it’s right before the lilypad walkway.

(8) Abandoned Mine – At the end of the left-most of the mine shafts. You’ll need bombs to get there.

(9) Castle Vampy II – In the lower left quadrant, bottom row of rooms, rightmost room. In this room is a wooden box that you can tell is full of bats. Shoot the bottom side of it to open it. Inside are bats and the Heart.

(10) Deeper Under The Lake – You need fertilizer. Go to the top center room, and head up, where the fuseboxes were in the normal adventure. Cross the water on the vine and you got it.

(11) Castle Vampy III – In the upper right, there’s a coffin marked “Do Not Open Until Halloween”. Disobey the instructions, defeat the inhabitants, and claim the Heart.

(12) Upper Creepy Caverns – Head directly up the left side of the level to discover a Pumpkin Door. Inside is the Heart and Agent Skully!

(13) Castle Vampy – First floor, straight up from the central hallway, through a locked door. To get the key you have to head right from the door and into a small complex of rooms. The key is in there, guarded by a Marsh Mutt. Then unlock the door and defeat the horde of Vamp Lords to access the Heart.

(14) A Hidey-Hole – In the Wicked Woods, to the right of the cabin, there is a clump of trees all together. If you walk into the clump from above, you can enter it. Defeat Agent Skully inside for a nice cache of items, including a Heart.

(15) Luniton – Complete the Tree Trimming quest (defeat the Terror Trees and Torture Trees in Terror Glade), then talk to the guy who asked you to do it.

(16) Luniton – Collect all 10 Mushrooms for the witch and talk to her again. How to find them all is detailed in the quests section below.

(17) A Gloomy Cavern – Hidden in the upper left of the cavern. There’s a barrel in one of the walls. Push it in to reveal the Heart.

(18) Dumbopolis – This is a little below Mystery Lake at the very left edge of the world. Once inside, head left into the Pumpkin Pop section. You’ll need the Pumpkin Key to enter. Getting through is trivial: just pop all the pumpkins, they can’t even move! That gets you a key for the Heart.

(19) Castle Vampy III – In the upper left is a room absolutely packed with bats. Beat them all, and a small section will open up filled with yet more bats, and the Heart.

Lightning Bolts[edit | edit source]

(20) Underground Tunnel – Beat the Swampdogs in the muddy section, then cross the lilypad that arrives (on the left side). Just walk along this passage, avoiding the deadly gas, and grab the Lightning!

(21) Haunted Tower – Bat Key needed. Open the door on the far right of the first floor, beat some skeletons, and it’s right there.

(22) Bonita Barrel’s Cabin – in the upper right, you can’t miss it. It takes a little creative barrel-shoving to grab it, but it shouldn’t be hard.

(23) Under The Ravine – Approximately in the middle of the level, there’s a Bat Door. Behind that is the Lightning Bolt guarded by two Marsh Mutts.

(24) A Hidey-Hole – In the Wicked Woods, to the right of the cabin, there is a clump of trees all together. If you walk into the clump from above, you can enter it. Defeat Agent Skully inside for a nice cache of items, including a Lightning Bolt.

(25) Rocky Cliffs – Beat King Toot in his little battle arena in the middle of the cliffs.

(26) Castle Vampy – First floor. Head to the left side of the castle. Just above the long hall of chairs (which is above the gallery), there’s a tiny entrance in the wall which leads into a weird black void. Follow the paths in there to get to the Lightning Bolt. A teleporter right past the Lightning Bolt will let you get out without backtracking.

(27) Abandoned Mine – In the rightmost mineshaft, at the end.

(28) Dumbopolis – This is a little below Mystery Lake at the very left edge of the world. Inside, head down into the Amazin’ SPISPOPD area (you’ll need Silver Bullets to get past the wolf). Beat all the pumpkins and the center will open to give you a Lightning Bolt, and some nastier pumpkins.

(29) Root Cellar – This is behind the Farmer’s Cabin in Pointless Plains. Inside you need to find the one loose barrel and shove it to the hole in the floor. It’ll fall in, opening the doorway to three locked doors. The Lightning is behind the Bat Door, so you’ll need the Bat Key.

Arrows[edit | edit source]

(30) The Bog Pit – Behind a door locked with the Skull Key, near the entrance.

(31) Under The Lake – In the upper left branch from where you start, there’s a large octagonal room with 4 X-O-Matics in it. The lower right corner of this room has slightly different walls. Shoot there to open the way to the Arrow.

(32) Under The Ravine – At the upper right of this level is a vine you can grow with Fertilizer. Do so and you get to another island, continue along growing vines and crossing islands (dodging deadly gas along the way), across to the left. The leftmost island contains the Arrow and some monsters.

(33) Castle Vampy II – In the lower right quadrant, this is sitting in the open in a room with a Vamp Lord. The quadrant contains 3 rooms across and 3 rooms down, this room is the exact center one.

(34) A Messy Cabin – In Zombiton. This puzzle is tricky, but can be solved by brute force trial and error quite easily. Just hit the cranks repeatedly (one of them rotates the bottom two rows right, and the other rotates the two rows one up from the bottom to the left), until you see a barrel that you could push upward. One exception: NEVER push a barrel up into the path of the Arrow! You’ll block it off. Then crank some more. Every time you see a barrel you could push up, push it. If you can push a barrel sideways, do that too. In a short time, you should have a few fairly big gaps in the pattern. Hit the cranks a bunch more, and you should be able to fairly easily create a gap in the middle leading to the Arrow.

(35) Rusty Crypt – Head left from the beginning, and complete all the trials on the left-hand side. At the top where you go to fight the Bombie Lord to earn a key, there’s a small side passage in the very short passageway leading to that Bombie Lord (the passage that is blocked with logs that go away as you flip switches). It leads to the Arrow.

(36) Creepy Caverns – Go to the absolute bottom left, and you’ll find a Bat Door. If you open it, your only prize is a small heart. It’s very disappointing. I recommend that, in your frustration and anger, you shoot the upper wall of this small chamber, because it will open up into a much larger chamber. You’ll need Bombs to blast through the middle, then do battle with 3 Agent Skullies, and at last you’ll have this hard-won Arrow.

(37) Castle Vampy – First floor, head straight up the central hall to the top, then turn right and you’ll enter a small complex of rooms. Ghastly Stench is inside to the lower right. Beat him and head up from there to collect the Arrow.

(38) Dumbopolis – This is a little below Mystery Lake at the very left edge of the world. Once inside, head right, to the XOP section. You’ll need the Lightning Rod to get inside – shoot the Lightballs that are behind the barrier to destroy it. Then just beat the monsters inside to get to the arrow at the top!

(39) Root Cellar – This is behind the Farmer’s Cabin in Pointless Plains. Inside you need to find the one loose barrel and shove it to the hole in the floor. It’ll fall in, opening the doorway to three locked doors. The Arrow is behind the Skull Door, so you’ll need a Skull Key.

Pants[edit | edit source]

(40) Deeper Under The Lake – In the upper left room, on the upper wall, there’s one wall tile that isn’t lit. Bump into it to open the secret room.

(41) Swamp Gas Cavern – In the room where the second Save Crystal is, there is a wall marked with some lines, in the upper right. Shoot that and head inside. Dodge the gas jets and grab some pants! You’ll need a torch before you can do it safely, there’s no source of light.

(42) Upper Creepy Caverns – If you follow along the bottom edge of this area, you’ll find a passage leading upward (a short way to the right of a stairway leading down) with a small rock on the side of it. Go up just past the rock and head directly left, and you’ll find a small crack in the rock, which leads to a large cavern with the pants in it.

(43) The Root Cellar – This place is behind the Farmer’s Cabin in Pointless Plains. Go inside and find the one loose barrel, and push it to the hole in the floor (on the right). That opens a set of 3 locked doors. The Pants are behind the Pumpkin Door, so you’ll need a Pumpkin Key.

(44) The Witch’s Cabin – Enter from the back door and get through the barrel puzzle! It’s not too tricky.

(45) Rusty Crypt – Take the left passage from the beginning. When you get to the Save Crystal, head directly right. Work your way down the rightmost passage, avoiding the boulders. At the bottom is a hallway leading left which ends with the pants.

(46) Creepy Caverns – In the section you enter from Vampy Land (or after coming up from the right end of Under The Ravine), there are 3 keys hidden around. One is at the top of the second boulder passage near the stairs leading down, the next is in a small offshoot hallway just to the right of that (with another boulder rolling around in there, beware), and the third is off in the upper left corner of the big square room with 4 boulders rolling around the outside. Get all 3, then enter a skinny passage hidden on the right side of the big square room. The pants are behind three doors there.

(47) Dumbopolis – This is a little below Mystery Lake at the very left edge of the world. Once inside, head up into the Stockboy area. You’ll have to solve a barrel puzzle, and you’ll need Bombs at the end to get the pants.

(48) A Hidey-Hole – In the Wicked Woods, to the right of the cabin, there is a clump of trees all together. If you walk into the clump from above, you can enter it. Defeat Agent Skully inside for a nice cache of items, including Pants.

(49) Castle Vampy – In the gallery on the first floor, flip the switch next to the Mystery Lake art piece. Now enter the tiny mystery lake! On the first floor, beat all the –O-Matics, then on the second floor you have to fight some pumpkins and solve a puzzle. The puzzle is to make the floor tiles spell the word “HI”. Then beat Mini-Frankenjulie on the third floor, and collect your prize.

Gems[edit | edit source]

(130) Underground Tunnel – You need the Pumpkin key. Open the pumpkin door, grab the regular key inside, smash open the hidden passage just to the left of the pumpkin door (it’s on the bottom wall of that hall, not the top). There’s a regular door inside the room that unveils, and inside there, you’ll need to beat an assortment of deadly Swampdogs to reveal the Big Gem in the center block.

(131) Under The Lake – You need the Bat key. This is behind a locked door in the extreme upper right of the area, in the section with timed lightning barriers.

(132) Vampy Land – Just to the right of Castle Vampy… you can get it right at the beginning of the game, because there’s a missing fencepost in the upper left corner of Luniton. Watch out for the vampires, though.

(133) Under The Ravine – Get to the vine in the extreme upper right of this area (you’ll need Fertilizer). Grow it and walk along to the next island, which has several vines. The lower left vine leads in a circle around a Steam Pump. Destroy it, and a new vine will appear leading down to the gem.

(134) Happy Stick Woods – Beat all of the Steam Pumps to open it up, it’s in the upper middle.

(135) Castle Vampy III – Right in the exact center, you can’t miss it. Of course, once you do pick it up, things might get ugly.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Potted Cactus – same as original mode, it’s in Bonita Barrel’s Cabin.

Whoopie Cushion – In the extreme upper right of the Slurpy Swamp, at the end of the gas tree path (a fitting location!).

Freeze Ray – The Bog Pit, in the lower left. You’ll have to get through a trial of evil trees, frogs, and a Swampdog to get there.

Boomerang – The Musty Crypt. In the lower right, there’s a large box you can’t enter. The bottom middle of it is green, so shoot it and hop inside for a Big Bonehead Boomerang Battle.

Lightning – Rocky Cliffs, the extreme upper left. This is the Shrine Of Shockulon. Simply defeat King Toot inside to gain access to the weapon.

Bombs – Gloomy Cavern. Get the girl to pick the lock on the door, the bombs are inside.

Hot Pants – Creepy Caverns. There’s a switch that opens up a log wall (it’s at the bottom of the section you enter upon coming down from the right end of Upper Creepy Caverns). Behind it is a large pile of Gargoyles, and a Hot Pants salesman! You’ll have to pay 150 gems for the Hot Pants, so you’ll need several Big Gems first.

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