These are the following quests:

Save Halloween Hill Edit

Start: Talk to the woman in the yellow dress near the upper half of Luniton Village.

Finish: Beat the Evilizer.

Tree Trimming Edit

Start: Talk to the guy in the lower-left of Loonyton

Finish: Defeat all of the Terror Tree torture tree

) in Terror Glade.

Scaredy Cat Edit

Go into the wicked woods to find the person's cat. Then return it to her.

Sticky Shoes Edit

First get 30 gems then pay them then go to Bill to buy the mud-proof shoes.

Mushroom Hunt Edit

This one takes a long time. Find the 10 mushrooms scattered around then give them to Zizwalda the witch.

Picking Daisies Edit

First, Go to the top most place of the Rocky Cliffs (Pay For the toll before) then you find the daisy then give it to the Zizwalda the witch.

Curse the Darkness Edit

Light a torch by going to the end of the Swamp Gas Cavern, and lighting your stick by the fire. Requires you to have completed Scaredy Cat. (Push in the Pipes first.)

Zombie Stomp Edit

Defeat every Zombie Lord in all 3 Zombiton Crypts.

Smashing Pumpkins Edit

Smash the pumpkins for the farmer then you'll get a prize!

Mystery Lake Edit

Place the 4 Orbs in the containers at the four corners of Mystery Lake.

Beneath the Lake Edit

Defeat Frakenjulie at the very bottom of Mystery Lake.

Happy Stick?!? Edit

Start: Find the stick object in the basement of the Haunted Tower.

Finish: Defeat the Happy Stick Witch.

A True Hero Edit

Start: Talk to Farley the Helpful Ghost Bat in Under The Ravine.

Finish: Talk to Farley again with 5000 Monster Points.

Silver Bullet Edit

Start: Try to hurt a wolf.

Finish: Have your slingshot coated in silver by the brown-haired guy in Zombiton.

Hairy Larry Edit

Start: Talk to the woman in A cabin in Zombiton.

Finish: Defeat Larry.

Ghostbusting Edit

Start: Try to hurt a ghost.

Finish: Buy the ghostbusting potion from Zizwalda.

The Haunted Tower Edit

Start: Enter the Haunted Tower.

Finish: Defeat Poulterguy.

The Last Gate Edit

Start: Enter the circle of busts in Castle Vampy, Floor IV.

Finish: Replace the eight vampire busts.

The Rescue Edit

Start: Talk to the girl in the Gloomy Cavern.

Finish: Free the girl.

The Collection Edit

Start: Talk to Mary Louise Anna Marybell in A Cabin in Luniton Village.

Finish: Give Ms. Marybell all the Monster Dolls.