Loonyland 2

There are several ways that you can create items, potions, or just grant different effects in Loonyland 2. These come under 5 categories:


Make clockwork robots out of junk items. Requires the Clockwork talent, then bump a clock. Clockbots have various strengths and abilities, depending on what items you made them with, and your Clockwork talent.


Make various Amulets, Axes, and Parkas by combining different junk items. Number of junk items that can be used is determined by your Junksmithing Talent.


Fit different lenses into your glasses for mostly beneficial effects. Requires Magic Glasses (See Items). For the glasses to have an effect, the lenses must be different.


Make gold items by combining magic items. You must complete the Mimic Whisperer and Crystal quests to use this. To begin Magicsmithing, bring two magic items of the same type (axe, amulet, or parka) to Mrs. Smith. She will fuse the two items together for a price.


Mix different herbs to create potions. Requires the Alchemy talent, then bump a cauldron. Potions are of varying strengths, depending on your [talent level, and occasionally explode. When potions explode you are not hurt, but you do lose the ingrediants.