Loonyland 2

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plot secrets or ruin puzzles! Read with caution, or not at all!

The Editor that comes included with the Loonyland 2 Collector's Edition has not been explored thoroughly. However, the addon_making_info.txt file that comes in the addons directory of the LL2CE folder has a lot of information.


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Getting the Editor Edit

The Editor is accessible from the main menu by those with Loonyland 2 Collector's Edition installed.

Playing Your Worlds Edit

To play a custom world, start a new game. Instead of starting with "Go!" immediately, move left and right while "Go!" is selected to change the current campaign.

Using the Editor Edit

You are viewing information about Loonyland 2 editing. Some information is specific to certain games, indicated by the icons.

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Basic Controls Edit

IconKidMystic IconDrLunatic IconLoonyland IconLoonyland2

  • Move around using the 8, 4, 6 and 2 keys on the number pad, when Num Lock is on.
  • Delete things by pressing backspace while hovering over them.
  • Shift + W, A, X, D to resize a level.

Tagging Edit

IconKidMysticNo IconDrLunaticBlack IconLoonyland IconLoonyland2

Tagging is an important part of making things work as you want in Loonyland 1 and 2. The tag number is at the bottom-middle of the screen, and this is changed up and down by pressing ' (apostrophe) and ; (semi-colon). You place a tag on the highlighted square by pressing t. Tags can be used in specials for many things, and monsters take on the tag of the square they are placed on.

There are several tags with global significance in both Loonyland and Loonyland 2. These are:

  • A square tagged 255 is impassible to non-player monsters (in Loonyland 2, monsters will not be randomly placed here)
  • A square tagged 254 is impassible to unfriendly monsters (goodguys can still pass over it)

Specials Edit

IconKidMystic IconDrLunatic IconLoonyland IconLoonyland2

All of Kid Mystic, Dr. Lunatic, Loonyland, and Loonyland 2 support Specials. These are used for many different effects, including transportation between levels and a variety of other things such as signs and collectibles. Triggers are conditions that cause a special to be activated, and Effects are what happens when the special is activated.

The 'Multiple Uses' special flag allows a special to be triggered more than once. The 'Show Message' special flag causes the special to show a message upon being triggered.

There are two brands of specials: Loonyland and Loonyland 2's more complex setup, owing to tags, and the simpler setup of Kid Mystic and the original Dr. Lunatic. In Kid Mystic and Dr. Lunatic triggers lack the other number, x, and y parameters, and effects lack the tag parameter (only the Loonyland games use tags). The names of certain triggers and effects are also different between the two brands.

Triggers Edit

Name When it occurs Trigger value Other value (LL/LL2 only) Trigger X&Y (LL/LL2 only) Games
Player step When the player steps within an N-tile diamond around a tile. Defines N. None. None. IconKidMystic IconDrLunatic IconLoonyland IconLoonyland2
Enemy step When an enemy steps within an N-tile diamond around a tile. Defines N. None. None. IconKidMystic IconDrLunatic IconLoonyland IconLoonyland2
Player within N tiles When the player is within an N-tile diamond around a tile. Defines N. None. None. IconKidMystic IconDrLunatic IconLoonyland IconLoonyland2
Passed N levels When the player has passed N levels in that world/chapter Defines N. N/A N/A IconKidMystic IconDrLunatic IconLoonylandBlack IconLoonyland2Black
Have all keychains Dr. Lunatic: When the player collects all Keychains in a world. Kid Mystic: When the player collects all Armageddon Sword pieces (?) None. N/A N/A IconKidMystic IconDrLunatic IconLoonylandBlack IconLoonyland2Black
Kill all monster N When there are no monsters of number N alive. Defines N None. None. IconKidMystic IconDrLunatic IconLoonyland IconLoonyland2
Have N brains Dr. Lunatic: when the player has N zombie brains. Kid Mystic: When the player has N mystic orbs. Defines N N/A N/A IconKidMystic IconDrLunatic IconLoonylandBlack IconLoonyland2Black
Shoot item/wall When an item or wall has been shot (good or evil shots) None. None. None. IconKidMystic IconDrLunatic IconLoonyland IconLoonyland2
Chain off neighbor special When a special in one of the four adjacent tiles is triggered None. None. None. IconKidMystic IconDrLunatic IconLoonyland IconLoonyland2
Once every N seconds Special triggers once every N seconds Defines N None. None. IconKidMysticBlack IconDrLunatic IconLoonyland IconLoonyland2
Random (N% per second) Special triggers at a chance of N% every second. Defines N None. None. IconKidMysticBlack IconDrLunatic IconLoonyland IconLoonyland2
Have Lunacy Key When the Lunacy Key of the world has been collected. None. N/A N/A IconKidMysticBlack IconDrLunatic IconLoonylandBlack IconLoonyland2Black
Kill one monster N When one monster N gets killed. Defines N N/A N/A IconKidMysticBlack IconDrLunatic IconLoonylandBlack IconLoonyland2Black
Floor N is here When a tile is terrain N. Defines N N/A N/A IconKidMysticBlack IconDrLunatic IconLoonylandBlack IconLoonyland2Black
Var N = N2 If variable N is equal to N2 Defines N Defines N2 None. IconKidMysticBlack IconDrLunaticBlack IconLoonyland IconLoonyland2
Var N != N2 If variable N is not equal to N2 Defines N Defines N2 None. IconKidMysticBlack IconDrLunaticBlack IconLoonyland IconLoonyland2
Get Item When the player collects an item at a tile Defines item None. Defines the tile IconKidMysticBlack IconDrLunaticBlack IconLoonyland IconLoonyland2
Delayed Chain A delay after a special in one of the four adjacent tiles is triggered Defines delay, in seconds None. None. IconKidMysticBlack IconDrLunaticBlack IconLoonyland IconLoonyland2
Item Here When an item is on a tile. Defines item None. Defines the tile IconKidMysticBlack IconDrLunaticBlack IconLoonyland IconLoonyland2

Effects Edit

Name What it does Effect value Target X&Y Target tag (LL/LL2 only) Games
None Nothing. None. None. None. IconKidMystic IconDrLunatic IconLoonyland IconLoonyland2
Teleport Teleports either the player or a monster to a location - I believe monsters will teleport only if the trigger is "enemy step", otherwise it's the player Unknown Location of teleportation Presumably monsters of this tag? IconKidMystic IconDrLunatic IconLoonyland IconLoonyland2
Summon Summons a monster of type N. Defines N. Summon location. Presumably summoned at tagged locations? IconKidMystic IconDrLunatic IconLoonyland IconLoonyland2
Zap Wall Turns the wall of identical touching tiles into a floor of tile N. Defines N. Wall location. Unknown IconKidMystic IconDrLunatic IconLoonyland IconLoonyland2
Make Wall Turns the floor of identical touching tiles into a wall of ?? Defines N. Floor location. Unknown IconKidMystic IconDrLunatic IconLoonyland IconLoonyland2
Toggle Wall Turns the floor/wall of identical touching tiles into a wall/floor of ??. Use "multiple use" to enable walls and floors toggling back and forth each time the special is triggered. Defines N. Floor/wall location. Unknown IconKidMystic IconDrLunatic IconLoonyland IconLoonyland2
DropItem Drops an item of type N. Defines N. Item location. Unknown IconKidMystic IconDrLunatic IconLoonyland IconLoonyland2
Please fill me in! Please fill me in! Please fill me in! Please fill me in! Please fill me in! Please fill me in!

Special Tags Edit

Skill TagsEdit

  1. Defense
  2. Energy
  3. Toughness
  4. Survival
  5. Dodge
  6. Training
  7. Strength
  8. Endurance
  9. Tracking
  10. Luck
  11. Axe Mastery
  12. Stun
  13. Bash
  14. Critical
  15. Persuasion
  16. Flame
  17. Vampirism
  18. Parry
  19. Stomp
  20. Whirl
  21. Throwing
  22. Piercing
  23. Homing
  24. Triple
  25. Ricochet
  26. Air Strike
  27. Static
  28. Poison
  29. Shatter
  30. Axe Trap
  31. Shroom
  32. Stone Spike
  33. Brambles
  34. Lifeberries
  35. Burninate
  36. Ignite
  37. Toasties
  38. Heat Shield
  39. Shock Orb
  40. Berserk
  41. Gale
  42. Tornado
  43. Restoration
  44. Cryozoid
  45. Cold Wave
  46. Ice Cube
  47. Drain
  48. Bonehead
  49. Bone Bomb
  50. Plague

Talent TagsEdit

0.  Chopping

  1. Tossing
  2. Stoneskin
  3. Criticism
  4. Vivacity
  5. Sneak Attack
  6. Knockout
  7. Finesse
  8. Scavenging
  9. Gladiator
  10. Mental Focus
  11. Combustion
  12. Freezing
  13. Arsenic
  14. Electrocution
  15. Meditation
  16. Spookiness
  17. Green Thumb
  18. Scorching
  19. Windbag
  20. Mobility
  21. Alchemy
  22. Junksmithing
  23. Clockwork
  24. Mining
  25. Haggling
  26. Miser
  27. Mixology
  28. Packrat
  29. Herbalism

Villager TagsEdit

0. Talking to Yourself

  1. (nobody)
  2. Kinyova Sr.
  3. Bobby Joe
  4. Healiana
  5. Woody Woodsman
  6. Mrs. Smith
  7. Geoffrey
  8. Black Market Bob
  9. Melody (in chains)
  10. Melody (not in chains)
  11. Mickey
  12. Great Guru
  13. Tina Tsarina
  14. Taylor
  15. Phileas
  16. Handyman Hank
  17. The Historian
  18. Guy Magic
  19. Buried Rupert
  20. Rupert Roper
  21. Rosetta Roper
  22. J.P. Toymonger III
  23. Curaga
  24. The Diabolical Onion
  25. The Junksmith
  26. Frankie Beans
  27. Crush
  28. Jimmy Two-Fingers
  29. Smash
  30. Captain Capitan
  31. Major Fishbug
  32. The Clockmaker
  33. Lt. Hornswaggle
  34. Pvt. Public
  35. Betty
  36. Schrodinger
  37. Sharona
  38. Shrumford (old)
  39. Shrumford (young)
  40. Shroud
  41. Baron Von Frostburn
  42. Titan King Melton
  43. Happy Stick Bird

Text Files Edit

Any Loonyland 2 campaign must have an associated text file; if the world name is myamazingworld.llw, the text file should be named lvl_myamazingworld.txt. This text file follows a special format:

Title of Campaign
Level info
Level info

There should be a level info line for each level in the campaign; if there are extra ones, they are ignored, and if there are less than needed than the data from the original Loonyland campaign will be substituted (see LL2 Editing Default Text File). Each level info line should follow this format: {TYPE,{MONS1,MONS2,MONS3,MONS4,MONS5},MONSNUM,{ASBESTOS,BUBBLEWEED,CILANTRO,DEVILGRASS,ELDERBERRY,FROSTBANE,CRACKS},SONG}, // COMMENT

  • TYPE: The type of level. This should be one of:
    • 0 for a normal, monster-filled level.
    • LF_TOWN for a town/respawn point.
    • LF_ARENA for an arena match. This modifies some game rules.
  • MONS1-MONS5: Monster identifiers for monsters that appear. Leftmost is most likely to appear, rightmost is least likely to appear. See LL2 Editing Constants below
  • MONSNUM: The number of monsters that should be randomly placed.
  • ASBESTOS-CRACKS: The maximum number (the actual number is random) of herbs/mining cracks of that type that will appear.
  • SONG: The song number. This should be one of:
    • A number, for the song named songXXX.ogg
    • SONG_TOWN, for the town song
    • SONG_CAVES, for caves
    • SONG_WINTER, for the woods
    • SONG_BOSS, for the throne room, HSB fight, and arena matches
    • SONG_UNDERWORLD, for the underworld
    • SONG_FACTORY, for the Toy Factory and Castle von Frostburn
  • COMMENT: this part is optional, and is usually used to serve as a reminder as to what level this entry matches

Here's a trick: start a character in your new game (or if you have one already, play that character), and then exit immediately back to the title screen. At the top of the title screen, it will print out the first error it found in your text file, and which line it's on. If there's nothing there, then you have no errors in your text file.

Variables Edit

Many of the specials in Loonyland 2 work with variables. The range 516 to 900 is free for use by a world designer, and the rest are reserved in one form or another. Each variable can hold a value from 0 to 255, though 0 and 1 are the most common. If a "quest assigned" variable is enabled, the "New Quest" box will pop up. If you set a "quest completed" variable, the "Quest Done" box will pop up, the quest will automatically be marked assigned, and you will get 100xp for the quest (or 1000xp in Madcap).

  • 0 to 49: Quest assigned variables (for quest N)
  • 50 to 99: Quest completed variables (for quest N-50)
  • 100: Number of kills for a Prove Yourself quest
  • 101 to 199: Collected present N-100?
  • 200: Has the Magic Hat been killed?
  • 201: Has the Stone Rose been killed?
  • 202-216: Have been to certain places.
    • 202: Eisburg (is always there)
    • 203: Tina's Arena
    • 204: Baskerville
    • 205: Frosty Cliffs
    • 206: Haunted Highway
    • 207: Glacial Gorge
    • 208-216: Unused
  • 217: Has Melody been unlocked?
  • 218: Is the Toy Factory destroyed?
  • 219: Has the Stinky Sock boss been killed?
  • 220-221: Have the choppable trees been chopped?
    • 220: Limpid Lake
    • 221: Westwood
  • 222: How many rats remain in Mickey's cellar (0 means you can get money from Mickey)
  • 240-255: Temporary variables, cleared when leaving a level
  • 256-305: Has a treasure chest been opened? (for chest tagged N-256)
  • 306: Has Klonk been killed?
  • 307: Toys killed count for Mickey's quest
  • 308: Bears killed for Hank's quest
  • 309: 0 for Onion side, 1 for Snuggly Bunny side
  • 310: Has Killbor been defeated?
  • 311: Have the Magic Glasses been attained?
  • 312: Number of swords collected in Arena sword level
  • 313-320: Has a rope bridge been built? (for bridge tagged N-313)
  • 321: Has Ratatouille been defeated?
  • 322: Have you chatted with the Onion to decide your alignment?
  • 323: Has the first floor of the Factory been cleared?
  • 324: Has the Burning Bush been killed?
  • 325: Has the Trigun been killed?
  • 326-329: Has a merchant been shaken down? (Variable 326 also used by Snuggly Bunnies for their quest)
  • 330: Has the supply base been destroyed?
  • 331: Has the rumble been won?
  • 332: Has the player broken out of prison?
  • 333: Has the Junksmith been killed?
  • 334: Has the highway mission been completed? (Snuggly Bunny)
  • 335-349: How many of each item are used in your clockwork bot
    • In order: Log, Gear, Tin Can, Stuffing, Sock, Ice Cube, Seed, Rock, Ectoplasm, Claw, Silver, Gold, Ruby, Emerald, Diamond
  • 350: Lower half of the Clockbot's current health for going between levels (see variable 452)
  • 351: Which talent you are talking to the Guru about
  • 352: Has the Historian received the library book?
  • 353-357: Has a crystal barrier been opened? (barrier tagged N-353)
  • 358: Has Gourdzilla been killed?
  • 359-360: Bodzhas left alive on the two sides of Shroom Forest
    • 359: Left side
    • 360: Right side
  • 361: Has Shrumford been youngified?
  • 362-371: Has a Bokbok been rescued? (Bokbok tagged N-361 - bokbok tagged 1 is variable 362)
  • 372: Number of Bokboks that have been returned
  • 373: Has the Furnace been lit?
  • 374: Timer for the Justhef Axe
  • 375-384: Has a Titanic Titan been slain? (Titan tagged N-375)
  • 385: The Captain's status at the furnace. One of:
    • 0: None
    • 1: Arrived
    • 2: Active
    • 3: Dead
  • 386-410: Has a tip been shown? (Tip N-386)
  • 411: Has Frostburn's front door been smashed?
  • 412-416: Current life of the Prototype puppets
  • 417: Has Baron von Frostburn been defeated?
  • 418: Has Titan King Melton been defeated?
  • 419-422: Has a switch in Frostburn been flipped? (Switch tagged N-419)
  • 423: Has a Mimic been tamed for the Magicsmith? One of:
    • 0: No mimic tamed
    • 1: Tamed for Magicsmith
    • 2: Tamed for Loony
    • 3: Tamed for Magicsmith and Loony
  • 424-427: Has a switch in Frostburn floor 2 been flipped? (Switch tagged N-424)
  • 428-432: Which spell is in place in each of the 5 spots in the spell menu
  • 433: Has the HSB spoken to the player?
  • 434: Is the player in Madcap mode?
  • 435-445: How many of each type of Madcap crystal has been purchased
    • 435: Might crystals
    • 436: Life crystals
    • 437: Shield crystals
    • 438: Curse crystals
    • 439: Health crystals
    • 440: Shock crystals
    • 441: Fire crystals
    • 442: Ice crystals
    • 443: Wind crystals
    • 444: Nature crystals
    • 445: Death crystals
  • 446-449: The three modifiers you are using. (Modifier N-446)
  • 450: Number of Crystal Points available
  • 451: How long until you can Parry again
  • 452: Upper half of the Clockbot's life variable (see variable 350)
  • 453-472: Profile control settings. Do not change these!
  • 473-482: Skipped numbers (no information!)
  • 483: Player sound volume. Do not change this!
  • 484: Player music volume. Do not change this!
  • 485: Is the commentary enabled? Do not change this!
  • 486-511: Kill counters, two bytes each
    • 486-487: Ghosts busted.
    • 488-489: Ice beasts iced.
    • 490-491: Bears bonked.
    • 492-493: Mice Mashed.
    • 494-495: Bodzhas beaten.
    • 496-497: Puppets popped.
    • 498-499: Monkeys socked.
    • 500-501: Stone beasts stomped.
    • 502-503: Shrooms shattered.
    • 504-505: Soldiers sorted.
    • 506-507: Plants placated.
    • 508-509: Gangsters ganked.
    • 510-511: Knights knifed.
  • 512: Arena wins
  • 513: Player deaths
  • 514: Has the Flame skill been paid for this attack?
  • 515: Number of trees Klonk has smashed

Constants Edit


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Constants and suchlike

Constants have numbers, names, and 'values'. The number is used when referring to the constant in a special, the name is used for identification and in text files in the case of monster constants, and the 'value' is what the constant means.

NOTE: Item constants can be found in the item menu in the editor, but the artifact bit is past the screen. Artifact bit: 211

Monster ConstantsEdit

Monster constants are used in Text Files for specifying randomly generated monsters.

  1. MONS_NONE 0: no monster
  1. MONS_LOONY 1: the player
  2. MONS_TEDDY 2: Teddy
  3. MONS_VILLAGER 3: put a tag on the monster to choose which villager
  4. MONS_AXETRAP 4: Axe Trap skill makes these
  5. MONS_BONEHEAD 5: player only
  6. MONS_MOUSE 6: squeaker
  7. MONS_PUPPET 7: punch
  8. MONS_CRYOZOID 8: player only
  9. MONS_SHROOM 9: the shrooms that enemies can be turned into
  10. MONS_PUPPET2 10: pulls squeakers out of his hat
  11. MONS_TINGUY 11: tinny tim
  12. MONS_MOUSE2 12: Rat-A-Tat
  13. MONS_TEDDY2 13: Cave Bear
  14. MONS_MOUSE3 14: Ratatouille miniboss
  15. MONS_MONKEY 15: sock monkey
  16. MONS_KLONK 16: Klonk
  17. MONS_TOASTY 17: Toasties! for the Toasties spell
  18. MONS_KLUNK 18: Klonk's brother
  19. MONS_ICEMICE 19: Ice Mice
  20. MONS_ROSE 20: Stone Rose
  21. MONS_HOUND 21: ice hound
  22. MONS_ROSE2 22: rosie o bomber
  23. MONS_MONKEY2 23: Stinky Sock
  24. MONS_PUPPET3 24: KO Punch
  25. MONS_TEDDY3 25: Berserker Bear, leader of the cave bears
  26. MONS_TOYMAKER 26: toymotron
  27. MONS_TOYPOWER 27: power generator
  28. MONS_TOYCRYSTAL 28: crystals that orbit generator
  29. MONS_TINGUY2 29: Tin Soldier
  30. MONS_LIFEBERRY 30: lifeberry bush
  31. MONS_MOUSE4 31: Plague Rat
  32. MONS_LION 32: Dandy Lion
  33. MONS_BRUISER 33: Klonk-like guys, working for Onion
  34. MONS_BURNINGBUSH 34: Burning Bush
  35. MONS_THUG 35: Onion Thug
  36. MONS_GHOST 36: ghost for Spookybones
  37. MONS_TRIGUN 37: Trigun, soldier with triple fire
  38. MONS_JUNKSMITH 38: Junksmith
  39. MONS_CARAVAN 39: Caravan
  40. MONS_JUNKTRAP 40: Junktrap (created by Junksmith)
  41. MONS_BUNNYTROOP 41: order knight
  42. MONS_BUNNYMAJOR 42: Major Fishbug
  43. MONS_BUNNYBOSS 43: Captain Capitan
  44. MONS_EVILBOT 44: clockwork robot as an enemy
  45. MONS_YOURBOT 45: clockwork robot you built
  46. MONS_MONKEY3 46: Shock Monkey
  47. MONS_GHOSTDOG 47: Ghost Dog
  48. MONS_GHOSTMONKEY 48: Ghost Monkey
  49. MONS_CRAB 49: rock crab
  50. MONS_BADGER 50: bodzha
  51. MONS_TITAN 51: Ice Titan
  52. MONS_BIGPLANT 52: gourdzilla
  53. MONS_FURNACE 53: the Furnace
  54. MONS_ROSE3 54: Yellow Rose
  55. MONS_BADGER2 55: gophers for the forest
  56. MONS_LION2 56: advanced dandy lions
  57. MONS_STONEWALL 57: Stonewall
  58. MONS_BOKBOK 58: Bokbok
  59. MONS_BOKBOK2 59: nuclear bokbok
  60. MONS_BUNNYBOSS2 60: Captain Capitan in the underworld - tougher and doesn't go away after 50% dead
  61. MONS_TITAN2 61: titanic titan
  62. MONS_BADGER3 62: stinkin' bodzha
  63. MONS_ARENACRYSTAL 63: crystal you have to protect in arena fights
  64. MONS_TURRET 64: turrets in frostburn
  65. MONS_PROTOTYPE 65: prototype puppets, friendly
  66. MONS_FROSTGATE 66: invisible enemy only prototypes can hurt, for the smashable frost gate
  67. MONS_MOUSE5 67: Many Mouse
  68. MONS_TINPOT 68: tinpot general
  69. MONS_TEDDY4 69: grizzly bear
  70. MONS_MONKEY4 70: sock gorilla
  71. MONS_MIMIC 71: Mimic
  72. MONS_ARMYONE 72: Army Of One
  73. MONS_BARON 73: Baron Von Frostburn
  74. MONS_UBERTITAN 74: melton
  75. MONS_TEDDY5 75: Golden Bear
  76. MONS_ROSE4 76: Power Plant
  77. MONS_ROSE5 77: doom daisy
  78. MONS_BIGBADGER 78: gorka
  79. MONS_BIRD 79: happy stick
  80. MONS_KILLBOR 80: Killbor
  81. MONS_GORKA2 81: mutant gorka
  82. MONS_LILBADGER 82: toy bodzha
  83. MONS_PLAYTHUG 83: play as thug
  84. MONS_PLAYBUNNY 84: play as bunny
  85. MONS_BADGHOST 85: lvl 5 ghost
  86. MONS_BADGHOST2 86: lvl 15 ghost
  87. MONS_BADGHOST3 87: lvl 25 ghost
  88. MONS_BADGHOST4 88: lvl 35 ghost
  89. MONS_BADGHOST5 89: lvl 45 ghost
  90. MONS_SOCKCRAB 90: Sock Crab
  91. MONS_HOTDOG 91: Hot Dog
  92. MONS_ICEBOX 92: Ice Box
  93. MONS_DEATHBERRY 93: Deathberry bush
  94. MONS_FRUITPUNCH 94: Fruit Punch
  95. MONS_REDBARON 95: Red Baron

Quest ConstantsEdit

Quest numbers are useful for quest variables (see Variables).

  1. QUEST_WOOD: collect 10 logs for the Woodsman
  1. QUEST_PRESENTS: collect all 99 presents
  2. QUEST_PROVE: kill 20 monsters to prove yourself to Kinyova
  3. QUEST_PROVE2: kill 50 more monsters for Kinyova
  4. QUEST_HERBS: collect 10 frostbane herbs for the healer
  5. QUEST_SHARPEN: find the sharpening stone and return it to the woodsman
  6. QUEST_MIMIC: tame mimic
  7. QUEST_CRYSTAL: get the crystal of binding
  8. QUEST_AXES: collect axes for axes r us
  9. QUEST_BOBSWIFE: find Black Market Bob's wife
  10. QUEST_BOBSWIFE2: unlock bob's wife
  11. QUEST_GURU: Guru find all talents
  12. QUEST_RATS: Rat Problem, kill all rats in cabin basement
  13. QUEST_UNDIES: Asbestos Underwear
  14. QUEST_GLADIATOR: reach Gladiator rank 5
  15. QUEST_TOYS: keep toys away from Mickey
  16. QUEST_BOOK: return the library book
  17. QUEST_LETTER: deliver a letter for Healiana
  18. QUEST_ROPES: save ropemaker
  19. QUEST_BALLOON: get ropes for balloon
  20. QUEST_HANDY: bring tools to handyman
  21. QUEST_SOUP: tin cans for ropewife
  22. QUEST_BEARS: slay cave bears
  23. QUEST_BIGBEAR: slay cave bear boss
  24. QUEST_DEVILGRASS: collect devil grass
  25. QUEST_DELIVERY: bring Curaga the item from Magic Guy
  26. QUEST_TITANS: kill ice hounds
  27. QUEST_SKILLS: find every skill
  28. QUEST_FACTORY: destroy toy factory
  29. QUEST_FACTORY2: destroy factory power core
  30. QUEST_ALLIES: obtain some allies (join Onion or Bunny) (split quests)
  31. QUEST_QUESTS: do 3 quests for your side
  32. QUEST_CLOCKJUNK: clockwork or junksmith
  33. QUEST_EASYMINER: candy from a baby or mine stuff
  34. QUEST_HIGHWAY: highway robbery or patrol
  35. QUEST_SHAKEDOWN: shutdown or shakedown
  36. QUEST_SUPPLIES: destroy enemy supply base
  37. QUEST_RUMBLE: rumble with enemies
  38. QUEST_LEADER: slay the enemy leader (end split quests)
  39. QUEST_FURNACE: fix the furnace
  40. QUEST_FRAGILE: sounding crystal needed to get one furnace part
  41. QUEST_PLANTS: second furnace part by killing gourdzilla
  42. QUEST_FOREST: third furnace part by cleansing forest
  43. QUEST_BOKBOK: get bokboks for sharonda, earn binding crystal
  44. QUEST_HIPPY: collect 20 Seeds
  45. QUEST_TITANS2: kill titanic titans
  46. QUEST_BARON: kill baron
  47. QUEST_TOYS2: collect toy repair items
  48. QUEST_CHAMPION: beat final battle in arena
  49. QUEST_HAPPYSTICK: kill happy stick bird

Sound ConstantsEdit

Sound numbers are useful in Specials that play a sound.

  3. SND_PAUSE 3
  4. SND_ENTERMAP 4: entering or exiting a map
  5. SND_MESSAGE 5: new message in the list
  8. SND_BOOM 8
  11. SND_LOONYLAND 11: land from a jump
  13. SND_GETCOIN 13
  16. SND_CANTBUY 16
  17. SND_EQUIP 17
  22. SND_BERSERK 22
  25. SND_SPELLTURN 25: turning the spell menu
  33. SND_PUPPETHAT 33: magic hat summoning a mouse
  34. SND_TINOUCH 34
  35. SND_TINDIE 35
  39. SND_BEARDIE 39
  43. SND_SKELDIE 43
  47. SND_LEVELUP 47
  48. SND_DOOROPEN 48: open door or chest
  49. SND_FIRESHOOT 49: launch fireball
  50. SND_PARRY 50
  51. SND_DODGE 51
  55. SND_MONKEYLOAD 55: Monkey loading up to shoot
  56. SND_MONKEYSHOOT 56: Monkey shooting
  61. SND_IGNITE 61
  62. SND_SPLASH 62
  64. SND_FALL 64: fall into a bottomless pit
  67. SND_ICECRACK 67: ice cracking sound for when you jump onto ice, combines with splash
  77. SND_POISON 77: get hit by a poisoning projectile
  79. SND_GALE 79: gale spell, wind whoosh
  80. SND_CRYOSHOOT 80: cryozoid shoot
  81. SND_CRYSTALZAP 81: power crystal firing it's lightning
  82. SND_POWERLOB 82: power machine firing a grenade
  83. SND_CRYSTALBREAK 83: power crystal shattering
  84. SND_POWERDIE 84: the power machine dying
  86. SND_SPECIALGET 86: got a quest item
  87. SND_BERRYSPIT 87: lifeberry bush spit out a lifeberry
  88. SND_BERRYEAT 88: eat a lifeberry
  90. SND_LENSGET 90
  91. SND_SHARPEN 91
  93. SND_BIGHEAL 93: cast Restoration or get healed by Healiana or Curaga
  94. SND_DIG 94
  98. SND_THUGDIE 98
  100. SND_GURUFLOAT ???
  103. SND_BURNINATE 200
  104. SND_JUNKCOCK 201: junksmith cocking his gun before firing
  105. SND_SHOCK 202: electrocute noise, when anything makes a lightning bolt, quiet
  106. SND_TORNADO 203: for tornado spell and Capitan's whirling strike
  107. SND_SMITH 204: junksmith or make a clockbot or repair it
  108. SND_DRAIN 205: drain spell sucking life
  109. SND_RICOCHET 206
  110. SND_CRABOUCH 207
  111. SND_CRABDIE 208
  112. SND_CRABCLACK 209
  114. SND_BADGERDIE 211
  117. SND_BADGERDIG 214
  118. SND_STONEOUCH 215
  119. SND_STONEDIE 216
  122. SND_TITANOUCH 219
  123. SND_TITANDIE 220
  124. SND_TITANROAR 221
  126. SND_ZILLAOUCH 223
  127. SND_ZILLADIE 224
  128. SND_BOKBOK 225: bokbok cheeping hello
  129. SND_CUBEHIT 226: ice cube hitting guy/ground
  130. SND_PERSUADE 227
  131. SND_BARONOUCH 228
  132. SND_DRAWSTONE 229: Baron pulling a stone from the ground to throw
  133. SND_STONEHIT 230: stone shattering on impact
  136. SND_BARONDIE 233
  138. SND_STICKDIE 235
  139. SND_STICKOUCH 236
  141. SND_GORKATOSS 238

Hardcoded Things Edit

  • The main campaign has VERY few specials. Instead, most of the interesting things that happen are hardcoded.
  • Any campaigns MUST have at least 6 levels. This is because, in a new adventure, Loony starts where you have placed him in Level 05, which is Woody's Cabin in the original game. (The level numbers start from 0.)
  • The following monsters will not work properly when placed:
    • Cryozoid
    • Toasties (However, if you have the Toasties skill at at least level 1, Toasties placed or summoned will follow you and act like normal. Otherwise they will instantly vanish.)
    • Lifeberry Bushes
    • Shrooms
    • Crystal Gates
  • To place the player's mimic, just place a mimic monster in a 'safe area'. Of course, it'll only appear when the player has tamed their own mimic.
  • In order to tag the Guru correctly, you have to place a villager tagged '12', with the relevant talent tag in the square below.
  • Magic items and Artifacts placed directly with the editor won't actually do anything.
  • If you want to put any Mimics for the player to feed, put them in level 28. They will disappear anywhere else.
  • The "Welcome to Eisburg" tip will appear when the player first enters level 00.
  • The "Badguys!" tip will appear as soon as the player enters a non-town area.
  • The "Don't Look Down" tip will appear upon entering either level 62 or 63, not sure which.
  • Level 43 (the Haunted Highway level in the main campaign) will always have Caravans if it is wide enough. Caravans will always start at x-value 31 (so the level has to be at least 32 tiles wide) and y-value 144. However, the level does NOT have to be 145 tiles tall; in fact, Haunted Highway is only 140. Instead, the Caravans will actually spawn outside the map. This explains the effect where the Caravans appear to be driving from off the screen - because they actually are. If your map is 145 tiles tall or taller, you get to see them appear out of thin air. (If your map is REALLY SHORT, it will take them a while to make their way up from y=144, but they'll get there.)
  • The presents and skills dropped by Titanic Titans tagged 1-10 are hardcoded:
    • 1: present 77
    • 2: Luck
    • 3: present 78
    • 4: Persuasion
    • 5: present 79
    • 6: Axe Trap
    • 7: present 80
    • 8: Ice Cube
    • 9: present 81
    • 10: Plague
  • The Titanic Titans are tracked with variables 375-384. If a Titanic Titan is NOT tagged 1-10, it will behave like a normal Titanic Titan but will be tracked by variable 374+T. This can screw things up. See the list of variables for more information; any variable the game uses can be messed up if you tag a Titanic Titan with the wrong number! Fortunately, if the variable is not 0, the Titanic Titan will not appear, but you can still summon one with a Special. If you kill it, the variable will be set to 1. This can be annoying, or bad, depending on the variable. For example, tagging with 49 means it will affect variable 423. If you kill it, it will set the variable to 1, meaning you've tamed a mimic for the Magicsmith but not for yourself. If you have Mimics in your world and you've tamed one for yourself, you will have to do that again. Summoning and killing a Titanic Titan tagged with 79-98 will mess with your player control settings, do not ever do this.
  • This also applies to Bokboks - a Bokbok tagged 0 will interfere with the variable tracking whether Shrumford has been youngified, while a Bokbok tagged 11 or above will interfere with other variables. Dangerous.
  • In the Underworld (Levels 48-55), if you enter the level before completing the "Complete 3 Quests" quest, the level will be full of Ice Titans and "Goto Map" specials will not work. (Geysers still will, however.) After you complete that quest, each randomly generated enemy in these levels has a random chance to be replaced with an Ice Titan until you complete the "fix the furnace" quest.
  • Levels 42 and 46 are the Onion Ring and Snuggly Bunny HQ, respectively. If you join one of them, that HQ will become a "safe zone" for respawning, and randomly-generated enemies will not appear.
  • If you've received the "The Rumble" quest, then upon entering level 45, a goodguy army (friendly Order Knights and Clockbots or friendly Onion Thugs and Bruisers) will spawn near the top of the level and an enemy army will spawn at around y=31 or so. If your level is too short (such as if you used the "New Small" command) the enemy army will not appear and you will instantly win the rumble.
  • If a "Frost Gate" enemy is killed (can only be damaged by Prototypes) in Level 56, variable 411 will be set to 1. If variable 411 is 1, whether because of this or because you set it with a special, the "Frost Gate" enemy will no longer spawn and all of the "Ice Block" items in Level 56 will become "Ice Melt" items.
  • In Level 59, if you have a Baron von Frostburn in the room, (As this is where you fight him) any floor tagged with a 1 not in the arena where you fight Frostburn will NOT be thrown at you while you are fighting him.
  • In Level 59, any floor tagged with a 2 will be converted into a pit when Baron von Frostburn Summons Titan King Melton.
  • In Level 59, any item tagged with a 3 will disappear when you defeat Titan King Melton.
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