Loonyland 2


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Doesn't have the Clearing, and Northwood.

The Map Edit


Anyway, for now, here are the various locations of items:
(Skill location take up too much room to put here. You can find them here: LL2 Skills)

Chests Edit

Snowman key:

  • Bottom middle of Cozy Cave
  • Top right of Klunk's Hovel
  • Middle left of Icy Lake
  • Top right of Eastwood
  • Bottom middle of Frosty Cliffs
  • Middle left of Cliffside Cave
  • Middle right of the left side of Westwood
  • Right of top left of Northwood
  • Left of bottom right of Geyser Grotto
  • Top right of Sacred Forest

Pine key:

  • Top left of Storage Cabin
  • Top right of Icy Lake
  • Middle left of Baskerville
  • Middle of Eastwood
  • Left of the Snuggly Bunny HQ entrance Frosty Cliffs
  • Bottom right of Westwood
  • Bottom right of Snuggly HQ
  • Middle right of Gruesome Gardens
  • Bottom right of the right side of Sacred Forest
  • Middle of Glacial Gorge

Mitten key:

  • Top of Storage Cabin
  • Bottom right Rocky Ridge
  • Bottom right of Eastwood
  • Bottom left of Empty Cabin
  • Middle right of Onion Ring Camp
  • Top left of Northwood
  • Top right of Crystal Caverns
  • Bottom right of the top right Titan in TitaN Tunnels
  • Bottom middle of Throne Room
  • Top left of Upstairs Frostburn

Snowflake key:

  • Top left of Mickey's Cellar
  • Bottom left of Terrible Tundra
  • Top left of Storage Cabin
  • Top middle of Eastwood
  • Middle of Under Baskerville
  • Top right of Crooked Cave
  • Top left of Haunted Highway
  • Top left of The Pits of Despair
  • Top left of Mountain Cabin
  • Bottom left of the top left switch of Castle Von Frostburn

Bear key:

  • Middle right of Storage Cabin
  • Bottom right of Hank's Cabin
  • Bottom left of Eastwood
  • Left of the Snuggly Bunny HQ entrance Frosty Cliffs
  • Bottom right of Crooked Cave
  • Top right of Onion Ring Camp
  • Bottom left of Captain's Quarters
  • Middle of Glacial Gorge
  • Top left of Throne Room
  • Bottom left of Arctic Ascent

Presents Edit

For a better list see Presents Absent.

Abandoned Cabin
Arctic Ascent (2)
Baskerville (2)
Captain's Quarters
Castle Von Frostburn (4)
Chilly Cavern (3)
Cliffside Cave (2)
Cozy Cabin
Cozy Cave
Cramped Cave
Crystal Caverns (4)
Eastwood (3)
Empty Cabin
Frosty Cliffs (3)
Frozen Fjord
Geyser Grotto (4)
Glacial Gorge (3)
Gruesome Gardens (4)
Guru's Retreat
Halls of History
Haunted Highway (2)
Icy Lake
Kill Ice Titan (5)
Limpid Lake (2)
Mickey's Cabin
Mickey's Cellar (2)
Mountain Cabin
Northwood (2)
Onion Ring Camp
Peak Cave
Sacred Forest (5)
Snuggly HQ (2)
Southwood (2)
Storage Cabin
Terrible Tundra (3)
The Clearing
The Furnace
The Pits of Despair (4)
The Toy Factory
Throne Room (2)
Tina's Arena
Tina's Arena in Stronghold
Tina's Arena in The Hunt
Tina's Arena in Don't Get Shot
Toy Story 2
Under Baskerville (2)
Under The Factory
Upstairs Frostburn (4)
Westwood (2)
Winter Woods (2)

Guru Edit

Chopping: E Storage Cabin
Tossing: N Winter Woods
Stoneskin: E Baskerville
Criticism: Mickey's Cellar
Vivacity: NE The Toy Factory
Sneak Attack: N Cliffside Cave
Knockout: SW Stronghold (Arena Match)
Finesse: Center of Eastwood
Scavenging: W Haunted Highway
Gladiator: Tina's Arena
Mental Focus: S Southwood
Combustion: E Frosty Cliffs
Freezing: E Westwood
Arsenic: E Under Baskerville
Electrocution: E Northwood
Meditation: NE Icy Lake
Spookiness: SW Under The Factory
Green Thumb: SE The Clearing
Scorching: W Northwood
Windbag: S Toy Story 2
Mobility: Guru's Retreat
Alchemy: Center of Terrible Tundra
Junksmithing Talent: W Onion Ring Camp
Clockwork: NW Snuggly HQ
Mining: N Cramped Cave
Haggling: SW Rocky Ridge
Miser: Chilly Caverns
Mixology: N Crooked Cave
Packrat: W Frozen Fjord
Herbalism: Hank's Cabin

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