Loonyland 2

Talents are like Skills, but differ in two points; firstly, they level up as you practice them, and secondly, the Talent Guru gives them to you.

Combat TalentsEdit

Name Found Effect Levels up by
Chopping East Storage Cabin Chopping penetrates 3% of armor per level Swinging Axes.
Tossing North Winter Woods Throws knock enemies back further with each level Throwing axes.
Stoneskin East Baskerville Increases defense by 3% per level Being hurt
Criticism Mickey's Cellar Critical strikes penetrate 5% of armor per level Hit with criticals
Vivacity North-East The Toy Factory Reduces stamina costs by 3% per level Using Stamina Costing Moves
Sneak Attack North Cliffside Cave Uninjured enemies receive 1 more damage per level Smash unsuspecting foes
Knockout South-East Stronghold (Arena Match) Stunned enemies remain stunned for 3% longer per level Hit an enemy on the head
Finesse Center of Eastwood Every time you parry, dodge, or deflect a melee attack, the enemy attacking you is stunned for 1/8 of a second Parry, dodge, or deflect a melee attack
Scavenging West Haunted Highway 10% chance each level to gain 1hp per monster killed Kill monsters
Gladiator Tina's Arena Lets you access higher rounds of battles. Winning arena matches.

Magic TalentsEdit

Name Found Effect Levels up by
Mental Focus South Southwood Adds 3% more damage to offensive spells Use offensive spells
Combustion East Frosty Cliffs Slightly increases the rate fire does damage to enemies Hurt enemies with fire
Freezing Westwood Frozen monsters take damage faster per level Freeze enemies
Arsenic East Under Baskerville Decrease the armor of poisoned enemies by 5% per level Poison enemies
Electrocution East Northwood Increase the rate lightning abilities zap Use electricity spells
Meditation North-East Icy Lake When standing still, magic regeneration is improved. Stand still
Spookiness South-West Under The Factory Creates ghost when enemies are slain with Dark magic(ghosts live for 2seconds a level) Damage enemies using ghost
Green Thumb South-East The Clearing Gain 1 health for every 2 levels whenever you cast a nature spell. Cast Nature spells.
Scorching West Northwood Each time you use a fire spell, 1fireball will shoot of in a random direction per level Kill enemies with fire spells
Windbag South Toy Story 2 Wind spells cost 3% less magic per level Use wind spells

Craft TalentsEdit

Name Found Effect Levels up by
Mobility Guru's Retreat Increases walking speed. Walking.
Alchemy Center of Terrible Tundra Improves quality of potions, with less chance of explosions. Making potions
Junksmithing West Onion Ring Camp Allows you to Junksmith, using 4+L items, where L is your current junksmithing level. Junksmith stuff.
Clockwork North-West Snuggly HQ Lets you use more items to build clockbots. Build clockbots.
Mining North Cramped Cave Improves chances of digging-up items. Dig things up.
Haggling South-West Rocky Ridge Buy things for 3% less per level. Buying things.
Miser Chilly Caverns Sell things for 3% more per level. Selling things or by picking up money.
Mixology North Crooked Cave Increases effects of potions by 3% per level. Drinking Potions.
Packrat West Frozen Fjord Increases appearance of junk items by 2% per level. Collecting junk items.
Herbalism Hank's Cabin Increases the apperance of Herbs. Collecting Herbs.