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Released in March of 2001, this first installement to the Loonyland series has the player guiding Loony around the world of Halloween Hill, collecting powerups, gems, and fighting bosses in many dungeons. The game features many different Modes, and merit Badges; each with their own game-modifier.

LL1 Timeline[]

October 2000 Development Begins on LL1
March 2001 LL1 is officially released
May 2004 A new patch adds merit badges and other features.
July 7th, 09 Loonyland and Kid Mystic get editors!


Loonyland: Halloween Hill!
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Remix Mode[]

One of the new features that was added with the patch of May 2004 was the Remix Mode feature. What is Remix Mode? It’s a special variation of Adventure Mode that you unlock by earning 25 badges. It is a lot harder than Adventure Mode, and features new enemies. Every Power-Up has also been moved and hidden in a new place. Many of the puzzles have been changed in some way (like that horrible nightmare in the second floor of the Haunted Tower is now replaced with a nice relaxing battle to the death). It’s a new experience for those who have mastered Adventure Mode!


  • An old concept was that LL1 was set in 1800's Euskal Herria (Basque Country), however this has been forgotten as LL2 became it's own universe.