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Loonyland 2: Winter Woods (more commonly referred to as Loonyland 2 or LL2) is an Action/RPG game by Hamumu Software and a sequel to Loonyland: Halloween Hill, though it only loosely connects to the first game's plot. The game was released in February 2007, although pre-orders were made available in December 2006; people taking advantage of the pre-ordering feature were included in a public beta test until the game's offcial release.


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After vanquishing the Evilizer in Halloween Hill, Loony found himself traveling north in search of the Happy Stick Witch, following an ever-diminishing trail of clues. Eventually, he became lost in a blizzard and collapsed, only to wake up in the care of a friendly villager in Winter Woods. Now his quest takes him up high cliffs and even down into the depths of the earth, all in search of the mysterious truth behind Happy Stick. Unfortunately, Winter Woods seems to have its own huge set of problems to distract him along the way...


The Loonyland 2 title screen and character selection

Loonyland 2 plays like many other Hamumu games in some respects, but is very different in others. You run around and use either your axe or various spells to kill the various badguys and complete Quests. Defeated badguys can drop money and/or equipment, junk items and potions, and will also raise you Experience Points (XP).


Equipment (Axes, Amulets and Parkas) improve your attack, defense, and other stats; while junk items can be crafted or sold at the various shops. Potions grant temporary beneficial effects. Quest items cannot be sold, but are needed to complete certain Quests.

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Experience Points[]

XP or Experience Points are automatically gained from defeated monsters and required to "level up" your character; the level of your character rises once you earn enough XP, improving his stats.

The formula to calculate XP from a monster kill appears to be as follows:

It is currently unknown how exactly the monster level is determined, but seems to often be equal to the monster's maximum amount of HP. Note that all XP values will be rounded and can never be less than 1.


You can find hidden skills and talents in the game to make you stronger. Skills are passive boni or special attacks/spells that require you to upgrade them using skill points, which are received everytime you gain a level. Talents on the other hand are always active and levelled by doing specific things in the game, like using ice spells.

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Collector's Edition[]

Loonyland 2: Collector's Edition includes commentary, gallery goals, new arena battles, new monsters, and new items. Also, a big scary editor for creating your own adventures, and Mini Monster Madness - a new campaign by Jamul, where you pick a class. Add-on worlds created with the LL2:CE editor (and only compatible with the Collector's Edition) can be downloaded from the game's itch.io page.

Since October 2012, the Collector's Edition is included as standard on all purchased copies of Loonyland 2.


As described in the Cozy Caves commentary (track 10), Loonyland 2 uses royalty-free music from Shockwave-Sound.com. The tracks included, in the order they appear in the game's music directory, are:

  1. Damian Turnbull - The Cat
  2. Project 2020 - Shady Bizness
  3. Bjørn Lynne - Ang Kahora
  4. Bjørn Lynne - Chase the Mob
  5. Damian Turnbull - King of Cool
  6. Bjørn Lynne - All You

Non-full-length loops were used to save on download size:

Hamumu: back in those days an extra megabyte was a big deal of file size, I used shorter, lower quality, versions of everything all the time because we just had to keep it small
Hamumu: I think it was just whatever offered a "1 min loop" rather than the full song

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