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Robot Wants Ice Cream, the fourth and final game in the Robot series after Robot Wants Kitty, Robot Wants Puppy, Robot Wants Fishy, is a 2D webgame made using Actionscript 3.0, the Flixel library, and music by DrPetter and Robbe. The game was released on Kongregate and Hamumu on September 25, 2010. The goal of the game to get Robot some ice cream! The game picks off from the last game. Robot, fed up with Kitty's shenegians, throws kitty out of an airlock. Robot and Puppy then enter cryostasis (yes, robots need sleep too) until they reach Happy Ice Cream Planet. However, when they arrive, things are not as they should be...

This game is much more action-oriented than the other games in the Robot series. Powerups are scattered throughout the map, and collecting them will upgrade your existing ablities. There are also two game modes - Normal and Madcap. In Normal, Robot has three hit points. In Madcap, robot only has 2 hit points and enemies have been given more health and deadlier ablities.


Name Picture Description
Plasma Blaster
Press X to fire deadly plasma bolts!
Plasma Coils Plasma Blaster fires faster.
Jump Booster Tap Z or Up in air to double-jump.
Atomic Battery Holds energy for Atomic Robo-Powers.
Atomic Robo-Puppy Down+X encases Puppy in battle-armor for 1 battery.
Atomic Charger Collects Atomic Energy from destroyed robots.
Solar Collector Generate Atomic Energy over time.
Atomic Robo-Jets Hold Down for 1 second, then fly around with the arrow keys! Uses up Batteries.
Atomic Robo-Bomb Tap Down in mid-air to dive and explode for 1 battery.
BANANARANG!! Drastically upgrades Robot's plasma weaponry.


Name Picture Description
Robot This is the robot! He can jump, and double-jump once the jump boosters are collected.
Ice Cream Reach the ice cream to win!
Sentrybot A robot that moves back and forth. Fires aimed bullets in Madcap.
Safetybot A big armored robot. Moves back and forth. Can only be damaged by shooting it in the front. Fires a stream of aimed bullets after being hit. The first boss.
Shooting Robot HP: ??? Moves up and down. Fires bullets aimed at Robot.
Hoverbot Flies back and forth. Moves much faster in Madcap.
Angrybox An angry-faced square robot. Remains in place and spawns four Shooting Robots at a time. Boss.
Holey Moley A drill robot. Burrows in and out of the ground and fires an arc of bullets. Boss.
Destructo A tank! Moves back and forth, firing three bombs forward at a time. After losing half of its health, its top blows off, revealing a core that fires a circle spread of bullets. In Madcap, trying to get behind Destructo just makes him move backwards rapidly. Boss.
Char-L07 Charolette. A robotic spider. Stays on the ceiling and spawns Mini-Spiders. Boss.
Mini-Spider A tiny robotic spider. Moves up and down, firing two bullets. Only spawned by Char-L07.
Space Maniac A flying computer-like ship robot. Flies towards Robot, firing two streams of aimed bullets and dropping bombs. Boss.
Soldierbot A black armored robot that moves back and forth. Fires aimed bullets at Robot. After taking enough damage, black armor explodes, revealing the robot's "skeleton". Fires three bullets at a time in skeleton form.
Grapebot A purple kamikaze robot. If Robot comes too close, it explodes into a circle spread of bullets. In Madcap, it will explode even if Robot fires at it!
Heft An invincible spiked square robot. When Robot crosses its path, it charges towards him. After it hits a wall, its core will be briefly exposed, making it vulnerable to damage. In Madcap, it moves faster!

UFO Cyanbot

A cyan oval-shaped robot, much like a UFO. Flies around and fires bullets. It fires more bullets in Madcap!
Uberboxen Looks like a Das Boxen from Robot Wants Fishy, only now it's a cyborg! A very hard Boss especially in Madcap. Moves in a rectangular pattern. It has four forms - each form moves faster and fires more bullets at Robot. In Madcap, it moves even faster! Boss.


A supremely cute cyan blob. Moves towards Robot. After it takes enough damage, it splits in two! It will split in two many times before it can be defeated. Boss.
Security Cores There are two Security Cores - Alpha and Beta, but they are identical save for the side of the wall they are found in. The core is invincible until its turrets are destroyed, in which case the Core will be vulnerable and fire aimed bullets at Robot. After firing some bullets, the Core will be invincible again and the turrets respawn. In Madcap, the Security Cores fire a spread of bullets. They are bosses that must be defeated to open the Central Corridor that leads to the final battle.
Tom Stone The final boss, found atop the spaceship bombarding the Happy Ice Cream Planet. Controled by Kitty. Has five forms with different attacks; his first form jumps around and tries to squash Robot, his second form hovers in the air and shoots red bullets in a spiral around him, and his third form adds dual bomb launchers to the top of his body. His fourth form changes his name to KITTY!?!, revealing the Robot's old feline companion as the pilot of the boss. His final form reduces the mecha to a hovering pod that floats towards Robot and drops a barrage of bombs from its underside.


Robot Wants Ice Cream features ten awards, all which count towards your rank seen in the "awards" section of the game. Every new achievement is a new rank, which go in this order: ???

Spoiler Warning! This page contains information that could reveal
plot secrets or ruin puzzles! Read with caution, or not at all!

Mmm, Ice Cream

Get ice cream!

Rocket Robot

Get ice cream in under 20 minutes.

Mad Mad Mad Mad Robot

Get ice cream in Madcap Mode.

Pacifist Robot

Get ice cream without harming more than 20 enemies.

Roboticus Maximus

Get all upgrades.


Destroy 250 Mekazoids.

Boss Bash

Destroy all the bosses.

Mad Boss Bash

Destroy all the bosses in Madcap Mode.

Super Duper Combo

Get a 15x Combo without the Nanoswarm's help.

Going Bananas

Get the Bananarang.

The Bananarang[]

The Bananarang is one of the most powerful powerups in the game. It allows your projectiles to bounce off walls and fly faster. Press E to eat the banana.

Here's how to find it:

Go to the very bottom of Happy Ice cream planet where Holey Moley was, then, move to the right, keep moving to the right, when you reach the dead end, you can walk through the brown wall, and keep moving right and there it is, that red thing with the banana! Near the lower-right corner of the map, there is a 1-tile gap leading to a fake wall.