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Robot Wants Kitty is an action platformer game made by Mike Hommel of Hamumu Software and sponsored by Max Games. The player takes the role of a robot attempting to obtain the kitty in a supposed alien spaceship. The game consists of one large level, and is structured like a 'metroidvania' game. The player initially starts with no abilities aside from movement, and must search for and obtain power-ups to progress towards their goal.

The game was initially designed for Ludum Dare 16 with the theme of Exploration. The entry scored #2 in the fun category and #10 overall. The game was later updated to feature music by DrPetter, a new enemy type, an upgraded boss, new graphics for later sections in the level, as well as a new branch in the level containing a new power-up.

An iOS version with the same name was released by Raptisoft on March 18, 2011. The remake contains upgraded graphics and new content, such as new power-ups, levels, and a purchasable level editor.


The main objective of the game is to get to Kitty by using upgrades scattered about the level. Score is determined by the time taken to reach the goal, with a 20-second punishment for each death and a one-second reduction bonus for each enemy defeated. There is a trophy for completing the game, and another for completing the game in under ten minutes, named Kitty Get! and Rocket Robot respectively. Each of them award ten yerfbucks each.

Robot using the Dash Rockets power-up to cross a river of toxic waste.


Name Picture Description
Jump Jets
JumpJets RWK.png
Press Z, Y, or UP to jump!
Blaster RWK.png
Press X to fire deadly lazorz!
Super Jump Jets
SuperJumpJets RWK.png
Jump again in midair!
Super Blaster
SuperBlaster RWK.png
Hold X for insane blasting!
Rocket Riser
RocketRiser RWK.png
Down+Z to rocket upwards!
Dash Rockets
DashRocket RWK.png
Double-tap forward to zip!
Mega Missle
MegaMissiles RWK.png
Down+X to fire missiles!
Red Key
RedKey RWK.png
Not a boxing glove!
Green Key
GreenKey RWK.png
Opens green gates!
Blue Key
BlueKey RWK.png

Goodguys & Badguys[]

Name Picture Description
This is the robot! See above for the abilities he can gather.
Reach the Kitty to win!
HP: 3 Walks from left to right and back on platforms.
HP: 1 Moves vertically.
HP: 4 Stays immobile on the roof and shoots downwards.
Slurg, Lord of Slime
HP: 50 Walks from left to right and back on platforms. The more you damage him, the faster he gets. Shoots bullets volcano eruption style.

iOS Version[]


A telematic and a sad computer.

The iOS version of Robot Wants Kitty was developed by Raptisoft and released on the App Store on March 18, 2011. The graphics were enhanced and new content was added, including new power-ups, levels designed by Jamul and Raptisoft. In addition, two add-ons for the game could be purchased for $0.99 each, one being a set of new levels and the other being access to Kitty Connect. Kitty Connect adds a level editor and access to user-created levels.

Power-ups & Other Gameplay Aspects[]

The gameplay for the iOS version is no different than the Flash version. The objective is to reach Kitty in the least amount of time possible. Dying to an enemy or hazard adds twenty seconds to the timer, while defeating an enemy stops it for one second.

Name Picture Description
Jump App
Irwk item01.png
You can jump!
Jump Addon
Irwk item02.png
You can double jump!
Defense App
Irwk item03.png
You can fire deadly lazorz!
Zoom App
Irwk item04.png
You can rocket at ludicrous speed!
Launch App
Irwk item05.png
You can rocket skyward!
Defense Addon
Irwk item06.png
You can annihilate!
Helmet App
Irwk item07.png
You can smash bricks above you!
Heart App
Irwk item08.png
Adds a roboheart
Defense Addon
Irwk item09.png
Your lazorz are explozors!
Haxxor App
Irwk item10.png
Makes sad computers happy!
Timesaver Addon
Irwk item11.png
Saves ten seconds!
Red Keycard
Irwk item12.png
You can open red gates now!
Green Keycard
Irwk item13.png
You can open green gates!
Blue Keycard
Irwk item14.png
Blue gates can't stop you!
Quantum Crystal
Irwk item15.png
Powers a telematic

Goodguys & Badguys[]

Name Picture Description
Irwk robot.png
This is the robot! See above for the abilities he can gather.
Irwk kitty.png
Reach the Kitty to win!
Irwk alien0.png
HP: 3 Walks horizontally on platforms.
Irwk alien2.png
HP: 1 Moves vertically.
Irwk alien3.png
HP: 4 Stays immobile on the roof and shoots downwards.
Boss Martian
Irwk alien4.png
HP: 40 Crawls horizontally on platforms. When damaged, it stops to spawn a single or a pair of Martians, depending on its health.
Boss Venusian
Irwk alien5.png
HP: 40 Moves horizontally on platforms. Fires a pair of projectiles in an arc to the left and right. Its speed and fire rate depend on its health, with lower health equaling faster speed.
Boss Drippazorg
Irwk alien6.png
HP: 40 Flies diagonally and bounces off of walls. Drops a projectile downwards from each of its eyes every few seconds. Movement momentarily speeds up every time it is damaged.