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The beginning point of Robot Wants Puppy.

The "storyline", not actually related to the game at all.

Robot Wants Puppy, the sequel to Robot Wants Kitty is a 2D webgame made using Actionscript 3.0, the Flixel library, and featuring music by DrPetter and Robbe. The game was published on May 14, 2010, and is sponsored by Max Games. Many powerups help upgrade your kitty, and access cards and the double-jump rockets power up your robot. The goal of Robot Wants Puppy is to rescue the puppy in the least amount of time possible. When you die there is a 10 second time penalty, however. The game also features a humorous "storyline" which does not actually relate to the game.

Robot Wants Puppy can be found on Hamumu here.


Name Picture Description
Kitty Kannon Kitty Kannon.png Press X to throw kitty
Razor Claws Kitty Kannon.png Kitty's claws sharpenned
Helikitty Helikitty.png Hold UP in the air to drift gently
Psionic Whistle Psionic Whistle.png Press x to call back kitty
Ceiling Cat Ceiling Cat.png Hold up to the ceiling and walk!
Double Jump Double Jump.png Press up again in the air to double jump
Tailnado Tailnado.png Hold up in the air to fly!
Access Card 1 Access Card 1.png {Allow you to unlock doors marked 1}
Access Card 2 Access Card 2.png {Allow you to unlock doors marked 2}
Access Card 3 Access Card 3.png {Allow you to unlock doors marked 3}
Access Card 4 Access Card 4.png {Allow you to unlock doors marked 4}
Access Card 5 Access Card 5.png {Allow you to unlock doors marked 5}
Access Card 6 Access Card 6.png {Allow you to unlock doors marked 6}
Access Card 7 Access Card 7.png {Allow you to unlock doors marked 7}
Access Card 8 Access Card 8.png {Allow you to unlock doors marked 8}
Access Card 9 Access Card 9.png {Allow you to unlock doors marked 9}
Sekrit Item of Wonder Sekrit Item of Wonder.png WHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOooooooooooo!

Goodguys & Badguys[]

Name Picture Description
Robot Robotnew.png This is the robot! He can jump, and double-jump once the jump boosters are collected.
Kitty RWP Kitty.png The kitty! Since Robot got Kitty, Kitty now aids him. Most of your powerups enhance Kitty's abilities.
Puppy RWP Puppy.png Reach the puppy to win!
Snork Snork.png HP: 100 This enemy walks back and forth, and shoots yellow projectiles out of its tube.(Snork Is also avaliable in Growtopia but its name is called Zorbnik)
Hoverbot Factory Hoverbot Factory.png HP: 100 When its associated flying robot is destroyed, this factory spits out a new one! Kill the factory to stop the robots (it does not hurt to walk through these)
Hoverbot RWP EnemyRobot.png HP: 100 This robot comes from a factory, and flies back and forth (and up and down slightly).
Hippo Hippo.png HP: 60 These purple aliens fly up and down, firing bullets at the Robot.
Stalac Stalac.png HP: N/A These green stalagtite-type aliens hang from the ceiling, taunting you, and fall to the ground when hit. They also explode on impact!
Hoverzorg Hoverzorg.png HP: 150 This first boss is as his name implies, floating around and is part-squid, or so it would seem. His defense consists of a rotating shield around him, protecting him from Kitty's vicious attacks.
Blocko Blocko.png HP: 1 A blue mouse protected by heavy armor. Destroy his armor and he's powerless! Other than 3 half-homing shots he'll continue firing at you.

Note: HP was calculated based off the assumption that Snorks has 100HP. Snorks take 3.5 seconds to kill with claws #1, just as Hoverbots and Hoverbot Factories. Hippos, on the other hand, take ~1.5 second to kill, so with math you get ~57, which I rounded out to 60. For Hoverzorg, it gave me a bit under 2 seconds per kitty attack, so multiply by 3 and you get a bit under 6 secs, which I rounded off to ~150HP.


Robot Wants Puppy features ten awards, all which count towards your rank seen in the "awards" section of the game. Every new achievement is a new rank, which go in this order:

0. Send to scrap heap.
1. Waste of bolts.
2. Obsolete.
3. Functional to a degree.
4. Potentially useful.
5. Solid state machine.
6. Now with Blast Processing!
7. Nuocybertronic pathways detected
8. Atom rocket force is go!
9. Very nice, Robot.

Spoiler Warning! This page contains information that could reveal
plot secrets or ruin puzzles! Read with caution, or not at all!


Robot Got Puppy!:

Get a puppy.


Rocket Robot:

Get a puppy in under 20 minutes.


Cat Scratch Fever:

Collect all ten razor claws.


Calamari Is Served:

Defeat Hoverzorg.


Cat And Mouse:

Defeat Blocko.


Bad Robot:

Slay 100 enemies.



Catch a kitty in midair.


Look Out Below:

Drop a Stalac on an enemy (besides Blocko).


The Friendly Robot:

Slay 40 or fewer enemies.



Discover the Sekrit Item of Wonder.