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Robot Wants Y is the renamed version of Robot Wants Banner which was the 5th Robot Wants game. Robot Wants Banner was an action platformer made by Mike Hommel for the JayisGames.com website. In this game the player robot tries to obtain the letter Y, which if collected after all other power ups will spell out Casual Gameplay (the logo of the JayisGame website). The Banner version of the game takes place on a single level with a camera that pans only 9 tiles high and features no music. The RWIA version of Y uses a more metroidvania-like display and has added music.

The website version launched in November 2010. The number of letters in (Casual Gameplay) 14 makes this the Robot game with the most power ups at 13 (due to the last letter being the victory condition). The game is puzzle heavy as the JayisGames community heavily focuses on puzzle games.

For Robot Wants It All an Easy map and Remix map were added. They feature limited enemies unlike the enemy-less Classic map, but is still the Robot game with the least fighting overall.


The main objective is to get the letter Y by using upgrades scattered throughout the level. A side-goal exists in the form of the Jigmen collectibles, who do not add abilities, but form the JayisGames website mascot and require completing extra puzzle areas. Score is determined by the time taken to get to the goal, with a 10 second penalty for death, and a 1 second bonus for enemies defeated. Using Emp on an enemy counts as defeating it, and can be done multiple times to the same enemy. This only counts if the 2nd+ Emp hits the enemy after it has fully become un-stunned.

Power Ups[]

In the Banner version collecting the Crawly Bombs out of order will automatically award Plasma Bombs (and presumably Emp bombs) if you do not have the earlier item already.

Name Picture Description
Crawly Bombs
RWY icons.jpg
Bombs now crawl forward until they find something to blow up
Air Jump
RWY icons-1.jpg
Now you can Double Jump
RWY icons-2.jpg
Robot can Withstand one hit! Recharges at Computrons
RWY icons-3.jpg
Hold down over gravel to drill through!
RWY icons-1558978048.jpg
Make Sad Computers Happy!
Laser Blaster
RWY icons-1558978096.jpg
Hold x and use arrows to aim, release to fire!
RWY icons-1558978164.jpg
Hold up in the air to glide!
Air Bombs Tap x to drop Bombs in mid-air!
Mag-Lock Jump onto a metal ceiling to walk upside-down!
Emp Bombs Press Down+x to plant a bomb, then run! Disables machines.
Plasma Bombs Emp Bombs now also blow stuff up!
Lateral Magnets Jump at a metal wall to attach, then jump again to go higher!
AquaLung Robot has gained the ability to swim!
Jigmen Bits Collect them all because you can!

Good Guys and Bad Guys[]

Name Picture Description
Y Collect it because Robot Wants it.
RWY icons-0.jpg
a turret that shoots upwards. Can be stunned by EMP, but not killed.
a modified version of the trap in Robot Wants Fishy. Can be stunned by EMP but not killed
Schugg a worm that moves along walls and shoots at your current location with a ricocheting bullet. 1HP
Blastron a boss that has a shield that must be removed by emp, then hit with Laser Blaster shots on the left, right, and on the center crystal. Attacks with bullets that fly above it, pause, and then turn to your current position once.