Here are the rules, Bold ones are very important!


  • No swearing.
  • Spammers will be banned instantly, and their spam deleted.
  • When writing articles, make them as informative and as unbiased as possible.
  • Anyone found to have made 3 deliberately malicious edits will be banned.
  • This is a site about Hamumu games and the company. If you want to have wiki information about Hamumu users, that is fine. Set one up somewhere else, because we are about the games. We will also allow builder info, but only as a guide to who built what, so that those who liked one world by a specific builder can find more.
  • Please try to use correct spelling and grammar. Although you won't get into trouble if it looks honest, you will get into trouble if it looks like your deliberately trying to annoy someone.
  • Don't pretend to be someone else, especially if you are posting maliciously. This will get you banned instantly and you will not get any warnings!
  • In general, don't do something someone else would find offensive.

Feel free to discuss these on the Talk Page.

It is your responsibility to read these rules. Whether or not you have done so, they still apply, and you will get in trouble for breaks.