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For help on getting the game working, see How to Run SPISPOPD.

SPISPOPD (an abbreviation for Smashing Pumpkins Into Small Piles Of Putrid Debris) was Jamul's first game, started in 1993. It was an extremely primitive 2D action game, created in response to a joke related to Doom. Dr. Lunatic is the official sequel. Amazin' SPISPOPD and the The Adventures of Bouapha series were based on it (and indirectly the Loonyland series, as it was based on Dr. Lunatic).

In SPISPOPD the player controlled Bouapha, the Gourdslayer, who is also the protagonist of the games directly based on SPISPOPD. To escape being carved up for halloween, pumpkins had stolen all the worlds candles and taken them to the planet Pumpkinia. The gameplay consisted of collecting hammer powerups while battling various pumpkin monsters and collecting candles. By collecting all the candles on a level Bouapha could board his rocketship and begin the next level.


The levels were organized into various themed sets, each with its own custom graphical tiles, and a custom look for baby pumpkins (the most common and weakest form of enemy). Most of these levels consist of smashing Pumpkins, collecting candles, and destroying Pumpkin Patches. Later levels involve larger, more powerful pumpkins and special boss monsters, many of whom were included in Dr. Lunatic later. The game also featured an editor, called SPISEdit, allowing players to create their own levels.

Old Ultima

  • Intro Land (intro) is the very first world, and the demo world when the game had a Full Version.
  • Happy Forest Land is a forest- and water-themed world. The water areas have Sea Pumpkins, which shoot bullets. The boss is a sea serpent.
  • Sandy Desert World (desert) is a desert-themed world. The boss is the centipumpkin and the pumpkins have turbans on their heads,a possible reference to the large presence of Islam within desert areas.
  • Funky Weirdville (funky) is a "weird" world where the pumpkins look flamboyantly colorful. The boss is the French Chef Liem.
  • Spacey Techno World (future) is future-themed and filled with Robo pumpkins.
  • Ice Caverns (ice) features ice pumpkins and the Yeti Brothers.
  • Old Ultima (oldultma) is a world requiring SPISPOPD version 3.00 that was created as a tribute to the RPG Ultima Series.
  • H*** (hell) the final SPISPOPD world, you face Squashes, Robopumpkins, and, most importantly, every boss you've faced up until this point. The boss of this world is Spider Pumpkin.