Here is a guide on how to take and post Screenshots of games or technical problems to the Hamumu Forums.

Making Screenshots Edit

  1. First, make sure the game you want to take a screenshot of is in Windowed Mode. If you are playing the game in fullscreen mode, then the colours in your screenshot will be messed up.
  2. Set up your shot, so everything is in the right place on the screen.
  3. Press the button on your keyboard labeled something along the lines of Print Scrn of Prnt Scrn. On Windows keyboards, it's normally just to the right of F12.
    • If you are holding Alt when you do this, only the current window will be in the screenshot.
  4. Go into a paint program, such as Paint, and press Paste. ( Ctrl - V )
  5. Save it. Generally, don't save as a bitmap as these have very large file-sizes compared to other image formats.

Posting Screenshots Edit

  1. Find somewhere to upload the screenshot. There are a few free websites that do this, such as:
  2. There will probably be a little box and a 'Browse' button. Click the button, and locate your image.
  3. Click the 'Upload' button, or similar.
  4. Wait for it to upload, then find the URL for the image. On Photobucket, click the URL under the correct image. On ImageShack, find the right URL, as it gives you several.
  5. The URL you need is the one that begins [URL] or [IMG].
  6. Copy and paste this into a forum post, and post!