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Spooky Castle: The Adventures of Bouapha, also known as The Adventures of Bouapha: Spooky Castle, Spooky Castle: Bouapha or just Spooky Castle, is a miniature version of Dr. Lunatic, starring Bouapha. It is not to be confused with Spooky Castle: The Adventures of Kid Mystic, which was the original version of Kid Mystic sold by eGames. It is part of the The Adventures of Bouapha series. Spooky Castle was originally distributed by eGames as well, but was re-released as a freebie game in 2004.


The gameplay is similar to the original Dr. Lunatic, with the player collecting Hammers, Pants of Power and Brains, although there are far less levels than in Dr. Lunatic. Unlike Spooky Castle: Kid Mystic, the monsters and items in this game were taken directly from Dr. Lunatic; no new monsters exclusive to Spooky Castle were added. The final boss in this game is The Thing.


Just recently, the biggest organ bank in all of Bouapha's town was robbed of all it's brains! The brains, of course, were there for the ever-popular brain transplant operation. Witnesses reported glimpses of something big, green, and slimy heading for the big castle up on the hill. Well, Bouapha won't stand for brain theft in any form, so he suited up and dashed off to the castle on the hill to investigate. Control Bouapha in his battle against hordes of Zombies, Boneheads, Mumbles, and assorted spiders. Then prepare for a final climactic battle against the mysterious thing behind this heinous crime...