A world that was made by Pants of Power that came packaged in Dr. Lunatic Supreme with Cheese, unlocked by purchasing it from JCPiney.

Key of Lunacy will spawn at the Hub once Lair of the Thing is complete.


Just a monster mash level in the dark.Just smash em all and grab all the Candles and Brains.

Placid LakeEdit

Just bash all the zoids,get the Candles and go home.

Otherwise, here's the Secret Level entrance for Mini-Golf.

Placid Lake secret level entrance

Mini Golf (Secret Level) Edit

Just shift the Golf Ball at the start and flip the switches accordingly to push to the other ball at the end of the level and then finish.

Creepy Maze Edit

Just your usual in the dark maze,wander about,grab the powerups and Brains and Candles, kill the Vampire that spawns at the end and go home.

Ghastly GladeEdit

Just gather the powerups, mash the Ghosts and get the Candles and leave.

Rusty CryptEdit

Just grab all the Candles,mash all the Egg Sacs for the Yellow, then mash the UltraPygmies and go home.

Dusty Crypt Edit

Just smash all the badguys, grab the Candles and Brains. For the Lava Rafting part, first take it first to bump to the Barrel, then go to the unlocked wall on the left,then flip the switch to remove the barrel blocking the way, then raft over.

The Rocket Keychain will be unlocked once you killed all the Egg Sacs.

Dusty Crypt Rocket Keychain

Musty CryptEdit

Just bash the Boneheads,grab the Brains and Candles and go home.

Here's where the Squash Keychain is.

Musty Crypt Squash Keychain

Haunted House Edit

Grab the firepower,kill the Bats and Boneheads,then flip the switch, go around the table, smash the Spitters and Egg Sacs,note here's where the Hammer Keychain is.

Haunted House Rocket Keychain

Otherwise, just make sure to warp in at the right time at the Roly Poly section,then for the next one, dodge it, then mash the badguys and grab all the Brains and Candles.

Minecar Madness Edit

Just another Boss monster bash level with 2 Richie Liches.

Note the Pumpkin keychain here.

Minecar madness pumpkin keychain

Dusty Desert (Keychain Level) Edit

Just mash the Dijinnis,Pumpkins and Magic Lamps, then grab the Brains and Candles and go home.

Lair of the Thing Edit

Just like in Spooky Castle, just grab the Candles and defeat The Thing.

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