Hamumu Wiki

A world that was made by Coolguy, downloaded from the Hamumu website for Dr. Lunatic Supreme with Cheese.

Key of Lunacy is awarded at Hub after completing the level Beach House.

A Christmas in July[]

Just make it pass the Death Patrol,survive the Magmazoids,grab the keys,then mash the badguys and leave.

Winter vs.Summer[]

Just grab firepower,mash badguys and finish.

Human BBQ (Pumpkin Keychain)[]

Just mash the badguys,grab the Brains and go into the maze at the far left of the level,hit the wall at the bottom right in the maze to find the secret candles.For the Pumpkin Keychain, it's in the maze,top right corner.

Around the world w/80 Brains (Hammer Keychain) (Rocket Keychain)[]

Just mash badguys,grab brains and dont forget the candle that spawn in the left house after all badguys are dead.

For the Candles and Hammer Keychain,complete the secret level SNOW IN JULY !?!? first,then it will be unlocked.

For the Rocket Keychain, at the portion of the level where there are Xenos,step on to the world tile to be warped to it.

Are we there yet?[]

Just drive through,grab the Candles and leave.

A Really Bad Trip To The Zoo[]

Just grab firepower,mash badguys,grab the Brains and Candles and leave. Just watch out to keep the Bunnies safe and you will get the level's candle at the end.

For the secret level entrance to SNOW IN JULY !?!?,it's near the level exit.

SNOW IN JULY !?!? (Secret Level)[]

Grab firepower,mash Santa and his generators and finish.

Beach House (Squash Keychain)[]

Go around,mash the crabs for yellow keys,grab the Red Key,then go inside the house.

Go to the Boom Room,mash the Boomkins,grab the bombs and destroy the walls in this order for the Squash Keychain.

Summer Silliness CC BH

Then grab the Purple Bomb and blast through to get the Squash Keychain in the room and then grab the Blue Key and go about,mashing badguys,grabbing Brains,then leave.

Camp Doom[]

Just run around,mash badguys and leave.