Hamumu Wiki

A downloadable add-on world for Dr. Lunatic Supreme With Cheese by AtkinsSJ.

Key of Lunacy is in How the Clone Stole Christmas

Wreck The Halls (Rocket Keychain)[]

Grab the Hammer and Pants from the office,mash the halls,grab the Brains and Candles and leave.

For the Rocket Keychain, find the shiny coin and give it to the Pygmy for the Rocket Keychain.

Silent Fright[]

For the Secret Level Entrance Men in Red, it's at the top right corner.

Mash the Ghosts and grab the brain and leave.

Men in Red (Secret Level) (Hammer Keychain)[]

Hammer Keychain is at the left in the dark corner.

Just let the Santas fight and then collect their brains and leave.

Boxing Day[]

Just mash the Mailboxers until the Brain is awarded,then go to the hidden path in the dark at the right for the Candles and leave.

A Nightmare on Elf Street (Pumpkin Keychain)[]

Just go through all the house,mash the badguys,grab the Brains and Candle and leave.

For the Pumpkin Keychain, it's at the last house,go into it to get warped to it in the forest.

Gnome,Alaska (Squash Keychain)[]

Squash Keychain is at the top right corner of the level.

Otherwise use the You-Go to mash the Gnomes and their huts,grab the Brain and leave.

How the Clone Stole Christmas (Key of Lunacy)[]

Just grab the firepower, mash all badguys, grab the brains and Key of Lunacy in the Pygmy garden and leave.

Snow Wars[]

It's a bit tough, but just mash all the yetis with the firepower available and leave.

A Spispopd Christmas Carol[]

Mash the Pumpkins and their patches and leave.