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A world that was made by Coolguy, downloaded from the Hamumu website for Dr. Lunatic Supreme with Cheese, with a SpisMall theme.

Key of Lunacy is awarded at Hub after finishing 7 levels.

In addition to keychains, this world has four amulets:

  • Candy Cane Amulet, in the hub
  • Snowguy Amulet, in the hub
  • Pengulon Amulet, in Pengulon Crossing
  • Santa Amulet, in Freeze a Jolly Good Fellow
  • Wreath Amulet, in Jungle Bells
  • Present Amulet, in Rocket Keychain Locker


These are the storage lockers, just like in the normal SpisMall! Whenever you get one of the keychains, one opens! When you get all keychains, the center one is unlocked!

Candy Cane Amulet: Take the You-Go, drive it round to the end, it's there.

Snowman Amulet:

Ww4 cc-3.png

Present Amulet: In Rocket Keychain Locker

Egg-Noggin' (Rocket Keychain)[]

Just take the rafts around and grab the Rocket Keychain along the way,then grab the keys and exit via the igloo.

Ninjabread House (Squash Keychain)[]

Use the weapons nearby,mash the enemies,then collect all the Brains from the Zombies to go to the next section.

Then it's just the usual routine, mash badguys,grab candles.Remember to grab the Squash Keychain at the bottom right corner before you leave.

Snowball Fight (Pumpkin Keychain)[]

Just use all of the firepower around,mash the enemies until the level is over.

For the Pumpkin Keychain, hit this wall here.

Ww4 cc sf PK.png

Pengulon Crossing (Pengulon Amulet)[]

A weird level. I had to use cheats to go to get the Pengulon Amulet (cause drifting there normally is VERY HARD)

Ww4 cc pc .png

Then go back to the Hub level to this locker and get the Wrench from this locker.

Ww4 cc-2.png

Otherwise, normally to clear this level.....

Ww4 cc pc -0.png
Ww4 cc pc -1.png

Get upstairs and use the Freeze Rays to shoot down all the green ozone tiles.

(Harder than it looks, i just cheated through it.)

Freeze a Jolly Good Fellow (Hammer Keychain) (Santa Amulet)[]

Very hard timed level. (I dont have the patience atm to figure how to pass this level legitimately and that timer is quite very short, so just cheat through this for now.)

The Hammer Keychain with the fourth bunny to the right next your starting area. Mash it for it to drop.

The Santa Amulet is here. Hit the wall for it.


Jungle Bells (Wreath Amulet)[]

WW4CC jungle bell.PNG

Another coins management level.

WW4CC jungle bell-0.PNG

Grab the Hammer and start. Go around and gather 5 coins for the Machete.

Go round chopping grass for Coins.

Remember to leave some Machete use for chopping the Christmas Tree outside City Limits.

The Wreath Amulet is at the bottom right outside City Limits. The Candle is in Town.

Kill the Triceroid for Meat.

Once you have the Christmas, go back to Town, buy the Decorations for $5

Gather $6 for Pizza.

Once all 4 tasks are done, grab the brains and end the level.

White Snow and the Seven Pygmies (Needs all amulets to access)[]

Just note there is a Candle hidden in the right top wall that needs to be hit to get.

Otherwise, just routine mash,grab and leave level.

Zombies On Ice[]

Just use all of the firepower around,go forward,mash all the enemies until the level is over.

4 Presents of the Apocalypse (Key of Lunacy)[]

Ww4cc 4p.PNG

These levels will only be unlocked once you passed White Snow and the Seven Pygmies.

Stocking Puzzle: Egg-Noggin,top right corner.

WW4CC Sk.png

North Star Puzzle: Jungle Bells, the top right corner outside City Limits.

Ww4cc nsp.PNG

Seal Puzzle: White Snow and the 7 Pygmies, in the bottom right Egypt area.

WW4CC Sp.png

EDIT: This type of push barrel puzzle will take too much time for me to sort it out,so i just editor cheated it.

Christmas Tree Puzzle: Zombies on Ice,along the way to Santa.


2.Level in an Icy Graveyard


Once you have all 4 keys,go and mash and clear all 4 areas, once those are done, go and mash the boss for the Key of Lunacy and end the level.