A downloadable add-on world for Dr. Lunatic Supreme With Cheese by Loony Supreme.

Key of Lunacy is awarded after passing 12 levels. (Note: special is faulty. You must pass 12 levels exactly to get the key to spawn in the hub, more than that and it wont spawn.)

Super Zombie Craze![edit | edit source]

Just mash all zombies, grab all brains and leave.

Kongor![edit | edit source]

Just mash Kongor and his minions,grab the candle(just walk near the path to make it bridge) and leave.

The Matilda Sisters! (Hammer Keychain)[edit | edit source]

Mash all of em spiders to finish. For the Hammer Keychain, find it at the bottom right corner of the level.

Dozer the Dozerian![edit | edit source]

Mash all the badguys,grab all brains and candles and leave.

For the Secret Level entrance The Smash boss o machine, find it to the middle right.

The Yeti Brothers![edit | edit source]

Just mash all yetis, find the candles at the bottom right and leave.

The Thing! (Pumpkin Keychain)[edit | edit source]

Just a boss battle with The Thing. For the Pumpkin Keychain, "grab" it at the bottom right corner, then go all the way to the top left corner, there is a small path, there it is with the candles as well. Grab them.

The Countess![edit | edit source]

Before you go into the house, remember to grab the two candles at the side outside.

Otherwise, just mash the Countess and her minions.

The Sphinxter![edit | edit source]

Just mash all badguys and win.

Crabby Patty! (Squash Keychain)[edit | edit source]

Before you jump in the water, go all the way down and find the Squash Keychain in the darkness.

Otherwise, just mash all the crabs.

Mini-Bosses!! (Rocket Keychain)[edit | edit source]

Mash all badguys,grab the Rocket Keychain at the top left corner and the brains and leave.

Great Pumpkin!![edit | edit source]

Just mash all badguys and finish.

The Final Boss!![edit | edit source]

Mash all badguys, grab brains and go to the next level The Revenge of the Lunatic!!

The Revenge of the Lunatic[edit | edit source]

Just mash all badguys and finish.

The Smash boss o machine! (Secret Level)[edit | edit source]

Just drive through all of the badguys and leave.

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