A downloadable add-on world for Dr. Lunatic Supreme With Cheese by Loony Supreme.

Key of Lunacy is awarded after passing 12 levels. (Note: special is faulty. You must pass 12 levels exactly to get the key to spawn in the hub, more than that and it wont spawn.)

Super Zombie Craze! Edit

Just mash all zombies, grab all brains and leave.

Kongor! Edit

Just mash Kongor and his minions,grab the candle(just walk near the path to make it bridge) and leave.

The Matilda Sisters! (Hammer Keychain) Edit

Mash all of em spiders to finish. For the Hammer Keychain, find it at the bottom right corner of the level.

Dozer the Dozerian! Edit

Mash all the badguys,grab all brains and candles and leave.

For the Secret Level entrance The Smash boss o machine, find it to the middle right.

The Yeti Brothers! Edit

Just mash all yetis, find the candles at the bottom right and leave.

The Thing! (Pumpkin Keychain) Edit

Just a boss battle with The Thing. For the Pumpkin Keychain, "grab" it at the bottom right corner, then go all the way to the top left corner, there is a small path, there it is with the candles as well. Grab them.

The Countess! Edit

Before you go into the house, remember to grab the two candles at the side outside.

Otherwise, just mash the Countess and her minions.

The Sphinxter! Edit

Just mash all badguys and win.

Crabby Patty! (Squash Keychain) Edit

Before you jump in the water, go all the way down and find the Squash Keychain in the darkness.

Otherwise, just mash all the crabs.

Mini-Bosses!! (Rocket Keychain) Edit

Mash all badguys,grab the Rocket Keychain at the top left corner and the brains and leave.

Great Pumpkin!! Edit

Just mash all badguys and finish.

The Final Boss!! Edit

Mash all badguys, grab brains and go to the next level The Revenge of the Lunatic!!

The Revenge of the Lunatic Edit

Just mash all badguys and finish.

The Smash boss o machine! (Secret Level) Edit

Just drive through all of the badguys and leave.

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